Space, NASA | New images of galaxies taken by the Webb Telescope are causing a stir

Space, NASA |  New images of galaxies taken by the Webb Telescope are causing a stir

A new set of images from the James Webb Telescope shows 19 spiral galaxies. The astronomer says the images become an important part of understanding how stars are born.

– This data is important because it gives us new insight into the first stage of star formation, says astronomer Thomas Williams of the University of Oxford.

– Stars are born deep in dusty clouds that completely block light of visible wavelengths. He adds: “We don't know much about this stage, not even how long it lasts, so this data will be very important for understanding how stars in galaxies begin their lives.”

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The images were announced on Monday and show 19 spiral galaxies. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is one of these spiral galaxies, which look like huge spirals.

The closest of these 19 galaxies, NGC5068, is about 15 million light-years from Earth. The farthest is NGC1365, about 60 million light-years away.

The James Webb Telescope was launched in December 2021 and has been fully operational since mid-July 2022. It is the most powerful space telescope ever built.

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Through a telescope, it is possible to look at the universe deeper and clearer than ever before. The telescope can see several billion years back in time.

The goal is to capture light from the first stars and galaxies that formed shortly after the Big Bang about 13.8 billion years ago.

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