Emily Nearing on “Farm Celebrities”:

Emily Nearing on “Farm Celebrities”:

It's not unusual for participants in the world of “Farmen” to take some liberties outside the rules that have been established, but so far this year, many contractors are pretending to be rule-breakers.

Granted, this doesn't mean that no liberties were taken when celebrities were inside Lee Ranch.

Earlier, artist Björg Thorhalsdottir (49 years old) and artist Sundre Mulongo Nyström (29 years old) told Se og Hør that they had snuck away from the farm in the evening, which is not allowed.

– He understands that rumors have arisen

– An obedient group

On the other hand, food expert Emily Foy-Nearing (28) answers the following when asked if they can handle it A little earlier Sometimes appropriate:

“We were a very obedient bunch there,” she laughed.

However, it turns out that they also stretched the flexibility a little too far at times.

– I went for a run one day, because I was so tired of feeling confined – and I wasn't allowed to leave the farm without permission – so I chose to sneak away instead, she tells Se og Hør.

Screams: After Sunday's duel, Emily Fu Niering got a surprise on “Farmen kendis”.
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She says she arrived at the farm after a few kilometers, and was in doubt about whether she should knock or run. Neering landed on the first.

– I asked for some sugar and everything, and the lady I met was suspicious, because she knew that the participants in the “farmers” were on that farm. But I got some sugar and salt, enough to last a few days, and the others were happy, laughing.

TV 2's press director, Jan Peter Dahl, reported that TV 2 was not aware of Neering's run.

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Sleeping with a knife under the bed

Sleeping with a knife under the bed

This was not the only crime in which Nearing was involved.

– Once we were able to take a set of cards from production, she says and explains:

– It seems silly to talk about it, because it seems illegal. We were all like “Take it, put it in the sock!”

Stealing from the living room

The food profile shows that after two weeks of “unwellness”, this deck becomes very useful for creating harmony in the group.

-It was a pleasure being photographed by the cameras. We didn't feel like we could show it off, because there wasn't anything from 1924 on the deck, but it was incredibly cute. Actually, I think it would have been nice for them to portray how much fun we had with the group, but since it's not part of the concept, we had to do it in secret.

tears: Emily Foy Neering is overcome with emotions after a very private incident in “Farmen kjendis”. Video: TV2/Red Runner.
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How they came on deck is a bit unclear to the 28-year-old, but she says someone in the production was with him.

-So we took it. It was one of the few times we traveled far from the farm, and then there were often few interviews and waiting time, so our deck was stolen.

Hidden in the piano

Bahari Viken (30) also remembers the stolen stack of papers. She says they were placed in the living room between syncs as they were to be filmed outside the farm.

Got a Visit: Emily Nearing made an illegal visit to the other Titan's cabin before going into battle.  Photography: Anton Sogio/TV2

Got a Visit: Emily Nearing made an illegal visit to the other Titan's cabin before going into battle. Photography: Anton Sogio/TV2
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-There was a bunch of cards and some other things. It was he who we were able to bring back with us, and we spent a few nights with the tramps and the chief. We were very careful about where we hid it, and Bjørg dismantled almost the entire piano to hide it there, she told Se og Hør.

She goes on to say that the stolen deck was put to good use after the production returned home for the evening.

- You did something completely illegal

– You did something completely illegal

-We just needed a little debriefing and thinking about something else. You've been at work all day, and then you come home very late. Then you only need to watch one series to disconnect. It was kind of the same feeling, getting to know each other a little better in a different way. It meant that we actually slept a little less, because we had the last little time together. It was very delicious, and the evenings we spent there were really enjoyable.

She adds that production has not discovered the surface to her knowledge.

– But I think we were almost allowed to keep it, because having that group wasn't a competitive advantage.

bubble: Join us in the bubble, as we pay tribute to Aune Sand and laugh at each other. This week's focus: “Farm Celebrities.”
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TV 2's press director, Jan Peter Dahl, told Ser og hør that the production was not aware that participants brought a pack of cards with them.

Moreover, he says that if participants can grasp something that does not belong to a hundred years ago, the production conducts evaluations from time to time, in which the seriousness of “violating the rules” plays a role.

I did not receive a message: - Sting

I did not receive a message: – Sting

– Production attempts to ensure that props and other production elements are not left accessible to participants. In addition, all participants sign a contract confirming that the rules of the game will be followed. They are also told verbally that violating the rules may have consequences. At the same time, survival on the farm depends largely on trust, so if someone makes a real effort to bend the rules, they may succeed in doing so. He says: We have guards on the farm, but the guards are mainly on site to ensure the safety of the participants.

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