Silje Nordens about the illness: – Due to stress

Silje Nordens about the illness: – Due to stress

Recently, a new season of “Kompani Lauritzen” started on screen, and many celebrities are ready to go beyond the limits.

Among them is broadcaster Silje Nordens (39 years old), who has been living with a chronic illness for 14 years.

-The job keeps me alive

– Has the body been tested?

In 2010, the broadcaster was diagnosed with Morbus Crohn's disease, an inflammatory disease of the stomach and intestines that can attack the digestive system.

Reverse TV 2 Nordness tells us that before sharing, she was excited about how the illness would affect her stay at the camp.

– It is a disease that can be caused slightly by stress and the like. But I had a conversation with a doctor beforehand, who thought it would be okay, she tells Channel 2.

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Nordens, who takes medication for the disease, was particularly excited about how his eating routine affected his health. However, eating procedures should provide a positive surprise in the NRK profile.

excited: Silje Nordnes is currently serving as the presenter of NRK's ​​latest addition to Saturday entertainment channel, 'Maskorama'.
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– I didn't have any problems with her. It turns out that I might be able to hold on longer than I thought, and that my fears were unfounded. “There was a lot to worry about,” she says, laughing.

Nordness says production was informed of the diagnosis, but nothing further was arranged for her.

A home for grandma's comfort

A home for grandma's comfort

– It meant that I was able to test what my body could do and what I could handle, and was then proven that I could handle much more than I thought.

-I felt bad doing it

Nordnes has been open about the illness several times, including… The daily newspaper.

-It's okay for me to live with him, but it might be dangerous for others. The illness is so serious that I received a letter from the bank saying that your life insurance is more expensive than your partner's insurance, because there is a greater chance of death. “I felt bad,” she told the newspaper in 2010.

Sorry: Alexander Sæterstøl was rather tired after the first day of “Kompani Lauritzen”. Video: Red Runner/TV2.
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-I was denied disability insurance as well. Then I was disappointed, but I think the bank can sit there and enjoy its insurance.

Nordnes was for many years the presenter of the program “P3 Morgen”, and is now the presenter of the program “Maskorama”.

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