Jonella Pearson: – He has no father

Jonella Pearson: – He has no father

Gunella Persson, 64, made her mark in the reality world when, in 2010, she joined viewers’ favorite show “Swedish Hollywood Wives”. For several years, you could follow Pearson’s life in Hollywood with his daughter, Erika Pearson, 21.

complete confusion

Over the years, Pearson has remained relatively silent about the identity of the 21-year-old’s father. But now she takes the blade out of her mouth.

The 64-year-old speaks Swedish to hand in that the baby’s father has not been in the picture since Erika’s birth.

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On the occasion of their daughter’s birthday, they gathered friends and acquaintances of the 21-year-old to celebrate.

– It’s important to gather friends because we don’t have a family. I have some cousins ​​and such, but no brothers or sisters, Pearson admits to Hunt, adding:

Erika has no siblings and no father, but we do have friends who have become like family.

- That guy, he is

– That guy, he is

Through Persson’s participation in “Swedish Wives of Hollywood”, viewers gained insight into her close relationship with her daughter.

– I did not know the need for a man. I don’t know, that’s something Erica herself will say one day. Maybe not when she’s at the delicate age she is now. She seems satisfied with life and has many friends. She trusts me, Gonilla told Hunt earlier.

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The daughter, for her part, never commented on the matter. Since the end of the series, Erika has grown up studying film, psychology and anthropology at Pitzer College in California.

My biggest dream is to become a writer, musician, film director and activist. She added, “I want what I do to be useful and useful to many.” Aftonbladet earlier this year.

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