Malfunctions in electrical systems

Malfunctions in electrical systems

Finnish electricity company Aito Taloteknikan recently shared one Comprehensive reportWhich shows that many homes in Finland have electrical faults.

It's a Finnish newspaper Iltalehti Who mentions it.

Many risks are well hidden, and are only noticed when there is a need for repair or demolition or during renovation, reports Aytu Talutikkan.

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– For many people who live in their homes, repairs to the roof, windows or pipes are familiar and considered normal in order to maintain the condition of the home. However, people often start thinking about electrical repairs later, often only when a fuse keeps blowing, or a socket cracks, says Harry Gronmark, managing director of Aito Taloteknikan, in a press release.

These should call an electrician

The technical life of the electrical system of a detached house is on average about 30-40 years, Aytu Talutikkan reports.

Therefore, they recommend examining the electrical system in homes built in the 1980s and 1990s or earlier.

They recently carried out a large-scale survey in 300 separate homes in Finland, in order to survey the condition of the electrical installations of the population in general.

The need for quality electrical systems in people's homes has increased in recent years, with the aim of achieving modern, energy-efficient lifestyles. With more and more solar panels, electric vehicle charging points and various smart functions in homes, electrical installations generally have to be upgraded, says Grönemark.

He says the survey shows it is common for there to be significant electrical and fire safety risks in detached homes.

– In homes we found hundreds of do-it-yourself inventions, where people tried to solve electrical problems in their own way. We also found several wires in the walls that had been chewed to pieces by rodents. Our electricians found hundreds of dead rats on the back of fuse boxes, which residents had lived with for years without knowing it, says Grönemark.

watch out: There are several things you should think about when using extension cords. Improper use can increase the risk of fire. Video: Embla Hjort Larsen.
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The most common dangers

The survey conducted by Aitu Talutikkan identified the prevalence of risk factors in nearly 300 separate homes. The houses were to be completely renovated. On average, risk factors were found in 97.6 percent of homes.

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The older the homes, the more electrical faults there are.

The most common risk factors were loose connections, too many plugs in extension cords and wires or cables that had lost insulation.

Fires in electrical installations are often caused by installation errors, overloading, lack of maintenance, or lack of training, according to the Norwegian organization. Fire Protection Association.

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