Price Cuts, Fast Chargers | The price of express shipping is now reduced

Price Cuts, Fast Chargers |  The price of express shipping is now reduced

Many have wondered why fast charging is so expensive, despite significantly lower electricity prices.

Before the weekend it became clear that Ionity has lowered the price of light charging for electric vehiclesfrom being the most expensive on the market to taking inside turns for slightly larger players at NOK 6.99 per kWh.

Mer quietly followed suit, lowering the price by 20 øre to the same level.

Discounts of NOK 1.50

Now Recharge is taking the ball rolling, cutting their prices even further. Recharge is the new name for Fortum Charge & Drive, operating around 3,000 charging points in Norway.

The price has been reduced from NOK 7.49 to NOK 5.99 per kWh for express charging, and NOK 5.49 for express charging (maximum 50 kWh) in southern Norway.

In central and northern Norway the price is 50 øre lower.

With this, Recharge goes from being the most expensive charging player on the market, to being one kroner less priced than its main competitor Mer.

– We have gone through a turbulent and uncertain period in the past year and a half, with electricity prices increasing first and then increasing costs for both the purchase and installation of charging stations and maintenance and operation. This led to higher freight rates in 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Earlier this summer, lower electricity prices meant that we could lower the price by 50 øre. Now we believe it’s time for a further price reduction, and we’re delighted to be able to offer our customers a lower rate than today,” Stian Mathisen at Recharge says in a press release.

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Tesla is still cheaper

Even if the “normal” charging players are now lowering the price, Tesla is still the price leader for those who have the opportunity to use their own charging network.

Prices vary widely between stations, but are around NOK 4 per kWh.

However, the Tesla network is not easily accessible to all motorists, and not all charging stations are open to brands other than Tesla.

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