– The block was full of smoke

– The block was full of smoke

Last night, all the people were evacuated due to smoke in the Nestun area. The fire alarm was sounded after two residents of the block allegedly lit a flare.

It was a dramatic night for the residents of this block.
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– I woke up to a sudden power cut. A short time later, a fire alarm was heard in the hallway. A resident told PTI that the entire block was full of smoke.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, received medical treatment after inhaling a lot of smoke.

He was still coughing a bit when BT spoke to him at 08:00 on Monday morning.

– They checked me and said everything was fine. If it gets serious, I’m told to call the emergency room, she says.

They woke up the neighbors

He tells of a dramatic night in the lowlands at Elvenesvegan in Neston.

– When I went out into the hall, I saw all the smoke. I woke up my wife and children. Then we started knocking on the neighbors’ doors. Luckily everyone got out.

The fire alarm went off at 03.30 on Monday night.

Twenty-seven people spread across nine flats were rushed out as the stairwells in the three-storey block filled with smoke.

– Homemade torch

After a sudden power outage, two residents lit some sort of torch, causing all the smoke to rise.

– They made a torch at home and went out into the hall to check the fuse box. A fire alarm was sounded in the area due to heavy smoke billowing from the fireball. A neighbor suffered some smoke inhalation and was checked out at the scene. Police open a case, West Police District writes on Twitter/X.

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