Power, Power Price | Government slams Statnet boss: – High energy prices create unrest

Power, Power Price |  Government slams Statnet boss: – High energy prices create unrest

Statnett CEO Hilde Tonne recently made waves after her interview on the Nettavisen podcast Stavrum & Eikeland.

The desire to end electricity subsidy and the story of foreign cables caused many reactions.

– In other countries it is a popular demand to generate more energy, while in Norway it is a popular demand not to generate wind power because electricity is cheap. So I hope this program will be phased out so that we understand what energy really costs.

Storting representative Marius Arian Nilsson (Frp) said, among other things, that Tone should be invited on the carpet with the minister.

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Get the amendment from the Minister of Energy

Statnet is owned by the state, and is the company's general assembly of Energy Minister Terje Ösland (AP).

In a written question from Storting to Åsland, Nilsson asked Åsland if he shares the thoughts of the Statnett boss that electricity subsidies should be stopped in order to accept more wind power.

The minister echoes the thoughts of the Statenet boss:

– Affordable access to electricity is a key quality of the Norwegian electricity system, while price signals also have a central function. However, as StateNet's CEO also stated, I believe it would be a mistake to believe that if the price of electricity is high enough, increased power generation will automatically be accepted, Ausland writes in his response.

At the same time, the minister makes it clear what he fears if the government does not make progress:

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– High energy prices create unrest, increase differences in our society and weaken the competitiveness of Norwegian industry. The Household Electricity Subsidy Scheme is a targeted measure to help households cope with the financial consequences of abnormally high electricity prices.

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– I don't say this often

Marius Nilsson is content with the minister distancing himself from the Statenet CEO's statements.

– I don't say this often, but I share Aasland's thoughts: it's not the case that price alone will be enough, then more wind and solar development will be more welcome.

– It is also obvious that it causes unrest. That's why we want measures to reduce prices, says the parliamentary representative.

– This would be completely wrong

At the same time, he observes, in a word that signifies the end of power support:

“Electricity Subsidy Scheme Agreed to last until 2024 And gives families more predictability and security for their own finances. I believe it is right and important for the Government to stand up for households and help mitigate the financial consequences of high electricity prices.”

– There are new hints that 2024 is going to end. I would like to remind the minister that the government has signaled many times that the electricity subsidy should last as long as the energy crisis lasts, but now it seems they want to stop. By the end of 2024. Frp believes that would be completely wrong, and I believe it will be extended, says Nilsson.

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