June 2, 2023


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Emily (24) General Manager of Hotel - V.G

Emily (24) General Manager of Hotel – V.G

In 2020, Emily Carlson had a summer job at the Craggero Hotel. Now she is the general manager. – It’s a little scary with so much responsibility

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When the hotel opened in Kragerø in March 2020, Emilie started as an extra guard. She did everything from washing up to standing a bit at the reception desk.

At the same time he studied sociology at Kristiansund.

– I worked there in the summer and went home on the weekends to work at the hotel, says Carlson, who grew up in Krajero.

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Summer jobs are vacant at seven out of ten tourism companies

Norwegian tourism needs more hands this summer. According to NHO Reiseliv, seven out of ten tourism companies still have summer jobs vacant.

Holiday Paradise: Cragerau is a popular holiday destination in summer.

It was Telemark Newspaper He was the first to write about the case.

General Manager as a 24-year-old

Carlson never considered the idea of ​​working in the hotel industry, and says that landing a summer job at a hotel in 2020 was purely coincidental.

– But as I worked there and was given more responsibilities, I realized that this is what I am interested in, he says.

When he was offered to become general manager from July 1 this year, he immediately said yes.

– Now this is really a dream job and I want to do it for the rest of my life, she smiles.

She admits that, too, is challenging.

– It’s a bit scary with so much responsibility, but I’ve had incredibly good staff with me from the beginning. Everyone is so nice, she says, and that helps a lot.

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In addition, she is used to a lot of responsibility. The hotel’s former general manager was on long-term sick leave, so Carlson assumed his duties for the past six months.

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Many summer work breaks in recent years

Since 2019, the number of crimes in the workplace of summer substitutes has been increasing…

Not many guests

In both 2020 and 2021, the summer town of Kraków was packed with guests, says Carlson. He says it’s been a “great summer” for the newly launched hotel.

In the spring of 2022, on the other hand, it’s a little quieter.

– Demand is high now as it is July, but earlier demand was less during summer. It surprised me, he says.

Carlson thinks that Norwegians can travel again, so choose it during Norwegian holidays.