Battles on Easter Hill in Trisil and Hafjell

Battles on Easter Hill in Trisil and Hafjell

Five or six men barked at Drizzle together, and another was kicked out after fighting on the cabin grounds in Hafjell, police report.

– Inlanded police write in District X that there was a fight with five or six people between the catering establishments at the foot of the hill.

One person sustained injuries and was taken to the emergency department for follow-up.

– He has been sent to the emergency room with head injuries, so he will receive a follow-up from the emergency room, operations manager Marthe Lysholm tells VG.

All involved were men, all under 20 years of age.

– Police remain on scene and are working with two suspects. As of tomorrow morning, two people have been evacuated from Trisil. We are opening a case on this matter, says Lysholm.

Fighting also in Hafjell

In Hafjell, the police also received a complaint of a drunken man who came to a room and behaved aggressively.

– now became a settled quarrel. The police went to the spot and took the person under control.

Candidates should be male above 20 years of age.

– There is an unknown cause. No one was injured, but one person was evacuated from the area, Lysholm says.

Lots of fighting over the Easter weekend

Many also fought on Easter Hill on Friday.

It wasn't even 7pm before many party-happy Easter tourists were told to head back to their berths on Good Friday.

On Friday evening, two men in their 20s were kicked out of all restaurants in Drizil until Saturday morning.

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Hagen Loveseth, operations manager for the Inland Police District, explained.

– Disorderly conduct, petty quarrels and general trouble. He has been doing most of the work, the operations manager said on Friday.

At 10.15pm on Friday, a 20-year-old woman was evacuated from Stavgrova in Hemsedal.

– She was a disciplinary problem at the site and refused to give her personal details to the police. Both of them were reported to her, police said.

That evening, at 11.45pm, three drunken men in their 20s were kicked out of the cabin grounds at Hofgell.

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