Respect me even though I am different from you

Respect me even though I am different from you

We are said to be great scientists and extremists.

“We are no longer cavemen, we manage without meat,” says Zavira Saavetra at Noah.
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Mutual respect Something we all want. There is still the debate that expecting respect is a double standard. The vegetarian/vegan debate, like politics and religion, has become a topic you don’t want to bring up at a nice dinner party.

What kind of impression do you have about vegetarians?

I have great admiration for people who can listen and gain knowledge rather than being determined to be “right”. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a word that I say is right, but there are facts, there are emotions, there are views and dogmas.

I have chosen myself Keeping myself away from animal products because of my love for life. Human life, wildlife, and yes, life in general (don’t bring up “plants have feelings” now, an occasional argument I don’t even bother to take seriously).

The reality is 3.6 million Male chickens are ground alive in Norway Every year. Why? Being the boss of the egg industry, they cannot lay eggs. 1.6 million pigs are killedabove 300,000 cows and calvesand above A million goats To name some animals. Together 72 million (!) animals are killed annually In little Norway.

I listen regularly Vegans talk about how non-vegans are rude minions who decide what everyone else should eat, that we’re idealistic and know-it-alls, and even the word “extremist” was thrown at me a few times.

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At the same time, Internet trolls commented on Noah’s Facebook posts about the plant-based diet: “How do you cook steak?”, “Now I’m going to McDonald’s and buy nuggets” and “But it’s meat we’ve always eaten, why change that?” .

About 1.6 million pigs are killed in Norway every year.

Well, there are many things that have changed over time – for good. For example, women first gained the right to vote in 1913, and gays were allowed to marry in 2009. We’re not cavemen anymore and we manage without meat, so that argument is reasonably weak (one that unfortunately keeps repeating itself).

My opinion That respect has to be mutual, and both parties may have a lot to learn here, but it starts with you. Don’t worry about the facts and be open to new information and knowledge – whatever the topic. Ignorance is far from “bliss”.


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