Knife thefts, threats and nail mats – this is where the wild police chase ends

Knife thefts, threats and nail mats – this is where the wild police chase ends
Knife thefts, threats and nail mats – this is where the wild police chase ends

To escape from the police, the car thief tried to steal a new car – before he scratched another car. The play ended in a ditch.

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At 21.14 on Saturday evening, the police receive the first report:

A man with a knife He stole a car of the brand Pole starsPole starsPolestar is a Swedish car brand that manufactures electric cars. Prices start at approximately NOK 400,000. In the middle of Majorstuen in Oslo.

A patrol leaves. The owner was not injured, but the robber made off with the car.

About half an hour later, another message ticked in:

A pole star was seen in Tåsen.

Can it be like that?

An aggressive man entered the gas station brandishing a knife. According to Oslo newspaper He threatened the employees and stole many items.

– We thought it was very similar, Sven Kristian Lie, operations manager at the Oslo Police District, explains to VG.

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Police have seen the video of the incident.

— and it seemed like a very aggressive move, Lai says.

Sandolan: Here, the police are working at the spot after arresting the smuggler.

The police arrive, but the man has disappeared.

The details of the car will be sent to the police association. Now all patrols in the Oslo area are under surveillance.

After a while, the car appears on the E18, exit at Sandiviga.

– It drives around the area, followed by the police, and lies.

He explains:

– We chose not to take action until we had sufficient strength to handle the case. A man with a knife is a dangerous fear.

– How many patrols were sent?

– Enough.

PÅ HØYKANT: Police finally get control of Polistar smuggler in Sundvollen.

According to Ringerike’s newspaper 12 police patrols and emergency units from Hønefoss, Oslo were involved in the arrest.

– Operations manager Lai says the car went too fast and disappeared on E16.

A short distance down the road, Elin Moe is on her way home.

It’s quiet on the roads this evening, she thinks. Suddenly a car appears in the rear view mirror.

– Mo tells Viji that it came so early and made so much noise.

The car behind is getting closer.

She wants to go through it, but there is only one lane on the road. In the first pocket that appears, there is already another car.

She decides to drive.

On the other hand, the car behind suddenly veers off the road into a small space.

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It was later revealed that the driver tried to hijack a new car on the way.

– It didn’t work, so he went with the original car, operations manager Lai explains.

Failed Hijacking: This car is said to have attempted to hijack the road.  That didn't work - so he continued with the Polestar car.

According to Ringerike’s newspaper The woman in this car threatened her with a knife. She escapes the situation unharmed.

At the same time, a local patrolman reported seeing a stolen car heading towards Sundvollen.

SANDOLLAN: After Dhruva Nakshatra caught the robber, the police are on the spot.

Suddenly Mo sees a car in the rearview mirror – again.

– I recognized the sound, she says.

Again, it fits perfectly in her car.

When the road finally opens, the car races past – scraping Moe’s car in the same stroke.

Further ahead, blue lights flash.

Struck: Moe's car suffered major scratches when the polestar hijacker raced past.

Police are at the scene.

– As the car passes, a mat made of nails is shot into the road, Moe explains.

Polestar tires are punctured. The car jacker lost control and crashed into a ditch.

Damage: A police chase goes wild beyond the stolen car.

Mo describes a dilemma:

– It was terrifying and dramatic. You can’t think, she says.

She replied that there was no stop notice or warning of any kind about what was waiting at the blue lights.

It was 10.36 pm when the police took control of the man.

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A knife was found in the car. The man was taken to the hospital without serious injuries, but he had not yet been questioned on Sunday, according to the report Ringerike’s newspaper.

The Southeast Police District declined to comment on the case, referring to Oslo police.

To hospital: Polestar hijacker was taken to hospital with minor injuries.  As of Sunday, he was yet to be questioned.
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