Ukraine condemns the Russian elections and threatens imprisonment

Ukraine condemns the Russian elections and threatens imprisonment

This photo shows voters in Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine meeting armed, masked soldiers at polling stations. Those who organize the elections risk ten years in prison.


Ukraine’s foreign ministry denounced the elections as “sham”, “worthless” and “illegal”.

Russia organized elections in all the regions annexed by Ukraine in the local elections that took place over the weekend.

When there’s an armed person standing in front of you, it’s hard to say no, Ivan Fyodorov, the mayor of the Russian-controlled Ukrainian city of Melitopol, told the Associated Press news agency. Radio Free Europe.

– These are, of course, not free and independent elections, Inna Sangadjieva of the Helsinki Committee told VG at the weekend.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry stated that the Russian elections on Ukrainian soil “flagrantly violate Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” as well as international law.

This is how voters in the Donetsk region greeted the weekend: an armed soldier at the polling stations.

– Russia’s fake elections in the occupied territories are invalid. He added that it would not lead to a change in the status of Ukrainian territories.

The Ukrainian intelligence service SBU stated that they would suppress elections in the occupied territories. Those found guilty of helping the Russians run the election risk ten years in prison.

In addition, you have State Security Administration The head of Russia’s election directorate, Ella Pamfilova, and two of her closest aides have already been charged. For those, they could be sentenced to life in prison, says the press release from the secret service, which expects Pamfilova to have also falsified the results.

It has identified 3,500 people believed to be involved in organizing the illegal elections.

Polling station: A man at a polling station in Russian-controlled Donetsk.  Behind him is a large poster with a picture of Vladimir Putin and a quote from the president.

However, the Ukrainian government says it will not punish ordinary people for voting, especially if they are forced to do so at gunpoint. On the other hand, they want to punish people who actively contribute to the conduct of elections, such as being part of the electoral commission. It is then considered a “serious crime”.

Election results begin to emerge on Sunday evening, and Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party and its candidates are not expected to receive the largest number of votes equally.

In Moscow, the re-election process for city mayor Sergei Sobyanin is reportedly underway Rhea.


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