Always look at war with love – V.G

Always look at war with love – V.G
Morton Svartveit, Nader Kademi, Sjur Vadne Braen, Mikkel Niwa and Ola G. Furuseth (from left) in “Kutta Paa Scoun” People at NRK want the worst.

When resistance turns into resistance – degeneration.

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“Guys on the show”

A Norwegian dramatic comedy in 10 parts

Premieres on September 1st on NRK

Series creators and screenwriters: Erlend Low, Bjorn Olaf Johannesen and Per Schreiner

Directed by: Liv Karin Dahlström, Ida Sagmo Tvede and Rune Denstad Langlo

With: Ola G. Furuseth, Sjur Vatne Brean, Nader Khademi, Morten Svartveit, Mikkel Niva, Silje Storstein, Sara Khorami, Achim Schelhas, Petronella Barker

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In “Gutta på skauen” the “Guttas”, a modern and suave, slightly “metrosexual” gang, go wild to wreak havoc against the German occupation force and attack one by one. baby girl.

President Thorvald (Ola G. Furuseth) has been in cohabitation therapy in the city. truth (Nader Khademi) returned as he was not the first choice. Leaf (Morton Swordweed) “Stin” is easy to eat. Corey (Michael Niva) never bore arms, and certainly should not now.

Soft Resistance: Ola G. Furuseth and Silje Storstein in “Kutta Ba Schoon”.

Alf’s problem (Sjur Vatne Brean), another. He has Hirden’s background. Alf doesn’t want to dismiss an idea before it’s properly explored. They think that Hitler is “accomplishing a lot”.

All five are reminiscent of contemporary Norwegians Entertainment. Mostly out of boredom, and a hobby that involves buying lots of fun gadgets. They are primarily concerned with resistanceway of life

They are thin-skinned and close-minded (“You’re only saying it must be good!”), and much less prepared for the dangers that a life of sabotage brings with it. Yes, every time “London” gives them a task, they literally put their heads in the water to come up with an excuse not to do it.

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Shouldn’t we have some fun then?: Ola G. Furuseth and Nader Khademi in “Kuta Baa Scoun”.

Blow up bridges? It is dangerous. Shoot the Germans in the neck? Very uncomfortable. Playing cards and baking can be very enjoyable. Even teaching eurythmy and Steinerschool is preferable to risking life and health.

Halfway through the race, “Kutta Paa Scoun”, we believe was created and written by the team behind. A cult classic «Struggle for existence» In 2014-2015, there will be ten variations on the same joke. That is how fundamentally incompetent and cowardly these anti-Norwegian “heroes” are becoming.

That joke is so funny. But in episode five, the series takes us to bed, and the pain begins. “London” gives the “Thorwald Group” a mission: transport some Jews to the Swedish border. “Er Resistance ‘Huh?’, wonders the fallen leader. “No, but they pay well!”, replied “London” softly.

Our Best Men?: Ola G. Furuseth, Morten Svartveit, Sjur Vadne Braen, Mikkel Niwa and Thorbjörn Herr in “Kutta pa schoun”.

At the same time, women really come into play in the form of Thorvald’s wife Erna (Silje Storstein) and her friend Maren (Sarah Korami) The Up to the game Immediately, and the undersigned confirms that the sixth episode is the best half hour of Norwegian TV seen this year. Here, “Kvinnnene i byen” excels at topics that are very topical today. Keywords: caricatures and crime.

It goes without saying that I would have liked More of the two women. But Matisse Hermann NyquistMouth Rob is not a bad alternative like Max Manus.

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“He’s smart, Hitler. Get a lot”: Szur Vadne Braen in “Kutta ba Schön”.

“Gutta på skauen” is a well-written, intelligent and entertaining correction to the pompous “national narrative” about war that we in Norway so happily convey in movies and TV series. It’s got delightful language (thumbs-up!), appropriate parody music (drums!), great visuals and – last but not least – great, inspiring ensemble reading.

If the “correction” was ever too soft and lenient, there is anyway reason to wonder if the “gutta pa scone” could have been shown when real anti-heroes were among us.

May be. But it could be a specific Baluba.

The reviewer has watched the entire series

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