Lynne Meister: – Reveals an unusual nickname

Lynne Meister: - Reveals an unusual nickname

It has been 18 years Lynne Meister (36) Russ was, but the memories are still intact.

During the May 17 broadcast this year “Good morning Norway” She recalled a time when she and her friends in bar were wearing red Russian trousers.

The TV personality also attended the show as a guest Mia Gunderson (60)They also agreed that National Day is the best day of the year.

Distrust of conditions

During the broadcast, among other things, she can say that she had a good Russian time. He said he had a boyfriend three months before the Russian era and that those around him were in despair of something.

Linnaeus Universe: According to Lynne Meister, there is one important thing that should always be with her, no matter what she does or where she goes. Video: Discovery +
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– They thought I should be alone to get the knots in the hat, but I thought it would be nice to tie the knots in the hat with him, “Good Morning Norway” said the 36-year-old with a laugh on May 17th. Broadcast.

Although the Russian era began a few years ago, Meister still has the Russian name in mind:

– I was called “iron underwear” when none of the boys in middle school were allowed to wear my pants, so I was a virgin all that time. I was happy to hug her then, but it lasted longer than enough, she tells Dockbladet. And continues:

– We made a deal with some friends to be a virgin until we were 18, but I managed it until I was 17.

Russian name: Linnie Meister was a Russian in 2004, and she

Russian name: Linnie Meister was a Russian in 2004, and she was nicknamed “Gerndrosa”. Photo: Private
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– Especially friendly

Earlier this year, the Norwegian people could follow Linney’s search for her boyfriend on the show “Linnie is looking for a dream prince”.

However, after the final episode, she was able to reveal what she had Got love, But not with one of the participants in the program. Her fiance Morton Rockenstadt (44)Good friends with her for a long time.

Linnaeus Universe: Lynne Meister and her boyfriend Morton face challenges in the relationship. Video: Discovery +.
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– Morton and I have a very special friendship and now we have taken the friendship to a new level. We developed feelings for each other and are very happy together. I’m so glad, Meister has said Sea and Here before.

Last week, the new couple made their debut Together on the red carpet.

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