Discussed the downgrade of testing and isolation – Viji

Discussed the downgrade of testing and isolation - Viji
Chief Minister: Health Minister Bent Haye is chairing a meeting with municipalities.

Discussions between Health Minister Bent Hay and municipalities include the task of diagnosing the disease, testing and downward adjustment of isolation.


Most of the municipalities associated with the VG did not want to say what was discussed and pointed out that they agreed to leave with the specific content of the press conference on Friday at 13:00.

The theme of the meeting was written by Viji on Thursday, a conversation about reopening and how municipalities should relate to it.

But TISK discussed:

– Among other things, Howard Stenswand, district emergency manager in the Westland, tells VG what is expected from TISK and municipalities when it comes to emergency preparedness this fall.

He believes the municipalities have received a good update and now feel involved in it.

On Thursday, Viji wrote Hay called for a meeting on Friday morning with the country’s municipalities, state administrators, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, KS and the FHI, led by Health Minister Bent Hai. This group talks about “with increased readiness for regular daily life – that is, the word used by the government to reopen Norway”.

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Has called for a reopening meeting with all municipalities on Friday

Stenswand says they have not been notified of a reopening date, but he will not say so if it is discussed. He says they agreed not to talk about specific content before the press conference.

– I think it would be clean and tidy for information holders to get more information-owned information.

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Otherwise, Hey was commended for informing municipalities in advance.

– The Minister received an incredible amount of praise for the meeting.

Porscran Mayor Robin Goss (Labor) suggested that municipalities should not go out with specific content in advance.

– Actually I just recommended it. We cannot request advance information if you start sharing information before press conferences. We can’t get both in the bag and in the sack. In one of the feedbacks, he tells Viji that we want clear and consistent information from the state that we should give them a chance.

Closed: Robin Goss (Labor Party) Mayor of Porscrun and spoke at the meeting.

– Not done so fast

He says 1000 people in a crowd sharing what they said with media pieces can lead to misunderstandings.

Goss spoke at the meeting, where he spent some time thanking the minister who handled the epidemic.

– It was a very good meeting and it is very important for the Minister to hold a meeting with the municipalities in this way.

Britt Larsen Mehmie, the municipal chief physician at Watsey, also did not want to go into the details discussed, but said it was a useful meeting for municipalities.

– I was happy to get some information before hitting the whole country at a press conference. When tasks had to be solved at the same time, it was a challenge that we had to get all the information at the same time as in other parts of the country, he says.

– Do you feel ready for what it means to reopen now?

– We are not fully ready yet – it was not done so quickly. The meeting has taken place, so we need some time.

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Date of denial

Thursday The Ministry of Health refused to let them go Announce the date for the reopening of the country today. Minister of Health Bent Hoy told Viji The date will come shortly before the rules take effect.

But it is not clear just when it will reopen:

The government has not yet come up with a plan for what the reopening will look like and what municipalities should be prepared for.

  • What do we not know? Among the still unclear questions, what kind of rules should you have at the border, how much control you need to keep the infection through testing and infection monitoring, and how long it should be in order – for example if you are infected and isolated.

The The most important milestone For reopening, 90 percent of people over the age of 18 have received a second dose – but hey the government also said Not locked Exactly 90 percent.

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