Janie Olson Diller: – Reveals his transfer plans

Janie Olson Diller: - Reveals his transfer plans

Janie (31) and John Olson Diller (39) They are two of Sweden’s biggest influencers, with 1.3 million and 1 million followers on the photo-sharing service Instagram, respectively.

They also have their own YouTube channel, with nearly two million followers in total. Thus there is a large group of people who follow the life of Swedes.

Janie and John married in 2018, and they have a son Leon (1) and daughter Leah (5 months) together.

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luxury villa for sale

However, the couple lives in Monaco, constantly sharing images from exclusive everyday life where exotic travel, yachting life and a villa in Marbella are part of the package.

A little over a month ago, the couple was able to share with their followers Sold the villa in Marbella, which they refer to as Casa Castle.

“Not sure how I feel about this yet, but Casa Castle is sold out,” Jani wrote on Instagram below a photo of the gorgeous luxury villa.

Despite selling their holiday home in Marbella, the couple still enjoyed another getaway in a slightly cooler climate.

This summer it became known that the duo had bought their own head in Vikingshill in Saltsjö-Boo, a short distance outside the capital, Stockholm. books express.

For us, it was important to have plenty of space for the kids to play in so that you can keep them away from their iPad. That was my goal, John could reveal to the site.

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There’s also no doubt that the Cape lives up to the luxury of a couple, with the price at the new summer resort being 38.2 million NOK for 14,640 square metres.

Leaving Monaco

Now, however, the influential couple can reveal their relocation plans. They will leave Monaco, having lived there for more than five years. The 31-year-old reveals this on Instagram.

“After living here for 5 years or more, we will now move to Cyprus, to see if we like it there. Either we will be back here in a couple of weeks, or we will stay there. Time will tell. Adventure time, haha!”, among other things What you write under the post.

In one of the latest videos on her YouTube channel, Is this goodbye? – Shall we move?, the couple explains their relocation plans.

Their plan is to move to Cyprus, where Jani’s father lives. They were originally looking for an apartment in Monaco, but they couldn’t find what they really liked.

They have not yet decided if they are moving well, and if they end up unhappy in Cyprus, they have their own apartment can Rent in Monaco. As they say to themselves: it is not perfect, but it is decent.

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Exactly when they will leave is not known, but according to their opinion it is a matter of a few days. Thus, the couple has a big task ahead of them before they board the plane to the Mediterranean island.

He had two children, aged one and a half years

As mentioned, the star couple have a son and daughter together. The latter was born at the end of March of this year, only a year and a half after the couple became parents for the first time.

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One week before class, the daughter was out in leaps and bounds, according to the new mother of two.

The mother wrote on social media that the baby weighed 3,405 grams and was “53 centimeters of true love.” However, it will take three days from the news of the baby to come out before they choose to reveal what they have named the little girl.

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