War in Ukraine: – Sentenced for criticizing Putin at work

War in Ukraine: – Sentenced for criticizing Putin at work

It was a conversation between colleagues aimed at condemning a Russian doctor for violating one of Putin's laws against criticizing the war in Ukraine.

Now the doctor must pay 3,500 Norwegian kroner, after her colleagues recorded the conversation and informed the authorities.

In the strongly worded ruling against the woman, which was published online, the woman was said to have expressed “negative opinions” about the “special military operation in Ukraine.”

This term is officially used in Russia instead of war, and is a word banned from being used in Russia regarding the Ukrainian war.

He said at work

She is also said to have said that Ukrainian children were sleeping in the hallways, and that anti-social Russians were responsible for the deaths of Ukrainian children.

These views were not presented online or as part of a demonstration, but in a conversation with two colleagues during a break at work.

The two colleagues audio-recorded the conversation, and it was presented to the court. The two also testified against her in court.

It appears in the ruling that she was sentenced to a fine of 30,000 Russian rubles, equivalent to more than 3,500 Norwegian kroner, on charges of “defaming the Russian army.”

Destroyed by Putin

The fist tightened

After the war in Ukraine, Putin brutally tightened his grip on his critics, including with the help of a series of new laws hastily passed after the invasion.

The most common of them, “to discredit the army,” was the one used against the aforementioned doctor from Khamchatka.

Those who criticize the war and Putin in public forums can expect harsher punishments.

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Severe penalties

Russian couple He was sentenced in March this year to six-and-a-half and seven years in prison To publish posts criticizing the war on Facebook and allegedly tag messages criticizing the war in several villages.

At the same time, Putin imposed multi-decade prison sentences on his most famous critics – Alexei Navalny and Vladimir Kara-Murza.

Such long prison sentences have not been imposed on opposition members in Russia since the era of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union.

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