Consumer News | Now the price of fast charging for electric cars is rising again

Consumer News |  Now the price of fast charging for electric cars is rising again

Last fall Good news has come in a row about express shipping price cuts.

But prices are now rising again for those who want to increase their electricity consumption on the go.

– This time prices were revised upwards on average by 17.53 percent from the previous overview. There is again a noticeable adjustment, and it varies between stations, as the Tesla Owners Club in Norway writes about Latest price list For all Tesla Superchargers in Norway.

According to TOCN, the price adjustments are from A price reduction Eight percent to one Price increase From 48 percent.

Tesla operates with different rates at different charging stations, times, and customers. The regular price is around NOK 4 for Tesla subscriptions, and NOK 5 for third-party subscriptions.

Prices also adjusted elsewhere

Tesla isn't the only one raising prices.

Recharge sent out a press release this summer saying it had lowered the price to NOK 5.99 per kWh for fast charging, but the price is now listed on the company's website at NOK 6.89 per kWh.

This is also the price level of Circle K and Ionity.

At Statkraft-owned Mer and Kople, which also had prices below NOK 6 last fall, prices were NOK 6.39 per kilowatt hour.

Several factors may be behind the high prices

Like other industries, there is a limit to the extent to which companies charging fees are allowed to comment on the reason for price changes without obtaining approval from the Norwegian Competition Authority.

Part of the explanation for the high prices Can It may be that the price of electricity has risen significantly since the summer. At the same time, we know that it is very common for companies to secure long contracts to purchase electricity. This means that price fluctuations throughout the year are not very important.

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Online businesses across the country have too Net rent adjustment It has been partly strong in recent months, and you usually have to pay more the more influence you need. Lightning charging stations, by definition, use high energy. The turn of the year is also a popular time for price increases as prices rise.

According to Stian Marthensen at Recharge, there are several factors that affect the price picture:

– I cannot point to a specific reason for the change in the shipping price now, but we are constantly evaluating what the price should be based on a number of factors, and we adjust up and down based on that. It's more than just the price of electricity that affects the price of charging. The costs of installing chargers, connecting to electricity, maintaining and purchasing chargers are no less important. The price of all of this has risen since 2022, Martensen wrote in an email to Nettavisen.

Large investments – loss of money

Another explanation can be found in shipping company accounts, which show that there is currently little money to be made from offering express shipping:

Both are owned by Statkraft more, communicate And recharge They have their own accounts. The numbers indicate significant investments year after year, but none of them come close to turning a profit. There are no similar visions for Tesla, Ionity, and Circle K.

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