The “Kurdish Fox” was arrested – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The “Kurdish Fox” was arrested – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The notorious gang leader, Rawa Majeed, is said to have been arrested in Iran. This is what Swedish Radio wrote SVT. The channel indicates closed sources.

The “Kurdish Fox”, who heads the Foxtrot criminal network in Sweden, has been in Turkey for a long time. The Swedish police requested his extradition in order to arrest him.

SVT wrote that the arrest took place on Friday of this week. The arrest is said to have been made in connection with his attempt to reach the border in Iran, according to SVT sources.

Photo: Swedish Police/NTB

SVT wrote that the arrest must have occurred during a traffic control. The channel wrote that it was possible that Majed had provided a false identity, which in turn could lead to arrest.

The State Department is not familiar with this issue

The Swedish police did not confirm SVT’s information to them.

SVT was in contact with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which wrote:

He added, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy currently have no knowledge of whether a Swedish citizen has been arrested in Iran in recent days.”

It was SVT crime expert Diamant Salihu who learned of the arrest on Sunday evening. He says to his media house:

– People who ally with him and stand by him will no longer be protected in the same way. Hopefully, this will calm the conflict and attacks on family members, but we’ll see if things really end up that way.

Gang conflict

Sweden has recently been hit by a violent wave of violence following internal conflicts in the Foxtrot network.

In September, 12 people were killed. Many of them became innocent victims who came too close to the conflict.

NRK visited several places where innocent people were killed last weekend:

In particular, Chief Rao Majid and his former close friend Ismail Abdo – often called the “Groundhog” – are in conflict with each other.

In parallel, Foxtrot has an ongoing conflict with the rival Dalin network. They constantly argue over territories and drug markets.

The mother of a gang member was killed

The background to the conflict between Majed and Abdo is said to be a large drug deal that went wrong.

Also central to the conflict is the discussion about whether it is appropriate for Foxtrot to recruit children.

At the beginning of September, several Swedish citizens shot other Swedes in Istanbul, Turkey. This is where Majid has been staying recently.

Neighborhood in Uppsala

NRK visited the neighborhood where Ismail Abdo’s mother was killed in September a week ago.

The next day, Ismail Abdou’s mother was killed in her home in Uppsala. This was the beginning of the cycle of violence in September.

Later, Swedish media wrote how other gang members met secretly to discuss how to stop Majid’s splendor.

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