Horror Discovery: Mark the Eye (!)

Horror Discovery: Mark the Eye (!)

A 70-year-old man from Neuquén, Argentina, visited his ophthalmologist when he was experiencing burning and itching in his eye.

When the ophthalmologist took a closer look, he discovered something startling:

There was a tick on the older man’s eyeball. This was written by the news agency Jam Press.

– Vampires

Ticks are a suborder of mites, consisting of more than 900 species. Many types of ticks can transmit serious diseases, both to humans and animals Large Norwegian Encyclopedia (SNL).

The wedding night ended in the hospital

Ticks are found all over the world, from subarctic regions to Antarctica, in jungles and deserts. The encyclopedia wrote that all terrestrial vertebrates suck blood, such as mammals, birds or reptiles.

Watch tv: Joachim Friedheim and Malin Holm from Larvik ended up in a nightmare of ticks during an evening stroll. Video: Malini Stursten
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The tick was removed from the man’s eye and the man was discharged from hospital to continue treatment at home.

– a new fear

Pictures of the tag have now been shared on social media, causing a hashtag scare to appear in the comments section. A recent video on TikTok shows the incident, and now it’s going viral.

He was going to clean the house: - I have never seen the husband

He was going to clean the house: – I have never seen the husband

– I thought I saw it all, and then this one appeared, he writes one.

– I can not believe that! I almost died when I saw that, and now I can feel the itch, writes another.

– Now I have a new fear, he writes iii.

insurance: Ole Irgens from Tryg Forsikring has heard many crazy stories from people who want to keep their insurance. Video: Malene Storrusten/Dagbladet
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— they can get to other parts of the body, too, writes another.

In Norway, a total of nine species of bird and mammalian ticks have been found. Among them is the wood tick, which is a disease spreader for several diseases. He’s the only one who regularly sucks blood out of people, SNL writes.

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hunting ticks

In recent years, there have been several reports of hunting ticks, also called “monster ticks,” being seen in places they don’t used to go.

The hunting tick is three times the size of the common forest tick, and it walks after its prey, and is the primary vector of a viral disease called Congo Crimea.

Every Passover, Reuben is crucified

Every Passover, Reuben is crucified

Swedish virus researcher Ali Mirasimi last year warned people going on vacation to countries such as Eastern Europe, Turkey, Spain and some parts of Greece.

Jaktflått was discovered in Norway in 2021, on a horse in the municipality of Viestby. It was recently found in Sweden. The site says so tick center.

It is not known what species bit into the man’s eye.

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