June 10, 2023


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– Unfair

GRÜNERLØKKA (Dagbladet): – I firmly believe that the Labor Party has a potential of 30-35 percent. Maybe even closer to 37 percent, says local team leader Trond Kiske with a twinkle in his eye, referring to Jackland’s famous 36.9 and the Conservative Party’s March poll.

Kiske meets Dagbladet in a cafe in Oslo’s Grunerloka district.

He’s sitting on his master’s thesis and doing a “part-time papa perm” with his daughter, Anna (1), who has a few more months with mom and dad before she starts kindergarten in the fall.

At the annual meeting, Kiske’s local association Nitaros won a clear majority for the power resolution they drew up. It now culminates in the National Assembly of the Labor Party. If it wins a majority, it will give the party leadership in government a clear task: take political control over electricity prices, especially foreign trade in power.

Giske has clear advice for the government. For all that good work to shine in the eyes of the electorate, three issues must be answered before the electorate.

– We need to get stronger control over electricity policy and then the Now needs to be strengthened so that people are helped to work and people don’t live in poverty. The bottom line is that we need to sign the missing two billion to fulfill the promise we made to voters about fair pensions, Giske says.

Member Discussion: Trond Giske lashed out at APS General Secretary Kjersti Stenseng on NRK’s ​​”The Debate” on Thursday evening. Video from NRK.
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– Unfair

Former Ap deputy leader Jens Stoltenberg has been in government for nearly ten years as prime minister. He has a good idea of ​​how the ruling party feels now.

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– I know how unfair it is when you don’t get recognition and support for all the good you do. Donje Brenna visited Trøndelag this weekend and there is an incredible amount of good work being done in his area alone. Cheap kindergartens, more practical schools, the right to finish high school and so on, Giske says, and sighs:

– There are a lot of good things, a lot of good is happening, and a lot of good policies are being implemented by Labor in government. So the big question is why only 17-18 percent of measurements are there.

Guess it hits home:

– We have to solve the problem cases and sign on electricity, poverty and pension. Everything else gets positive reviews. We must do so to restore confidence in our core constituents. Now we are less in the low and middle income group. Then we have to provide the necessary political answers in their lives.

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Personal disputes

At the same time, Giske snorts at the Conservative Party and their political solutions. However, he points out that it is not the fault of the Conservative Party that the app is doing poorly.

– The Conservative Party has not offered any solutions on electricity prices, poverty and pensions. We have ourselves to blame for not solving the problem cases and promoting all the good that is being done.

– What about personal strife and unrest in the party, isn’t this some explanation of the Andhra case?

– I often think that those who analyze politics forget the most important thing, that politics is primarily about politics. It’s about which party people think will make their daily lives better. Personal issues come second.

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Campaigning for local government elections is already slow. Giske believes Labor will get a significant boost when issues are local and politicians are closer to voters.

– I think the app will make a better municipal election than many people think. These metrics are now heavily influenced by national politics, interest rates, electricity and salmon taxes. In local elections, themes include care for the elderly, schools and other local issues, Giske says.

– We have several sitting mayors who have spent four years building trust in the local community. Let’s get a result in the 20s. Now that’s not an exciting number, but let’s boost ourselves.

Defends itself: The documentary “Trond Giske – Makta rår” premiered in Norway on March 11. Video: Upnorth Films
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First in 36 years

Giske has been involved in two major climbs that show it is entirely possible to turn the tide.

– The Conservative Party was almost twice as big as the app in Trondheim in the 90s. Since 2003 we have replaced it and Ap is ruling. I was involved in the recovery after the disastrous election in 2001 till 2005 and eight red-green years. I know it’s totally possible.

But that would have to happen without Trand Giske. For the first time since 1987, the party had no formal role in the election campaign.

– This is going to sound a bit strange, but I thrive on the bottom line. Nitaros will provide several volunteers who will make coffee and knock on doors. We have a good team involved in grassroots campaigning.

And Giske?

– Now someone else is controlling the election campaign. I will part with mine and then take another trip with the caravan around Trøndelag. I am looking forward to it.

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