Lake, Snap | Confusion at opening: The shop next door had to close

Lake, Snap |  Confusion at opening: The shop next door had to close

At 1200 on Friday, the snob shop Fast Candy opened in Lagunen.

Hours ago, the first people lined up to get a good spot in line, and here’s what it looked like before the opening:

BA’s reporter at the scene says the grill of neighboring shop Elkjob Funhouse was pulled down and a security guard warned people to avoid pushing each other.

“Stop pushing,” shouts the guard at the front of the crowd.

– Exciting, but fun

The center manager at Lagunen, Dawn Havneras, is standing right where it’s happening when BA speaks to her on the phone before opening.

– Since it was a non-school day, we were prepared that many young people would come. We rigged with extra security and it’s been great to get an incredibly good response at the store.

– How is the environment there now?

– It’s hectic, but it’s nice to see so many young people out there.

A PA video from the scene shows a security guard loudly asking people not to push.

How is the mood in the queue?

– I think it’s going well. Havneras says they are professional security guards and handle it as best they can, explaining that they have several security guards and operations personnel on deck.

As for neighboring shop Elkjob Phonehouse, Havneras said the grill may have been pulled down to avoid a bad crowd.

Once Fast Candy is unlocked, the phone store can unlock the grid again.

BA was unsuccessful in contacting the Elkjøp store in question.

Surprised Guardian

– Have you experienced so much attention before opening a store?

– Probably not when it comes to a specific target group, says center manager Havneras.

Lucne Bridgite (9) found out about the opening on TikTok.

– We want to try foreign snap that you can’t get anywhere else. You can never snoop too much. I have NOK 200 to buy, Bridgite tells BA.

A disappointing discovery

BA also meets Fabian Bo (12), who left early this Friday.

– I was in the first group to enter the store and spent NOK 210. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the freeze-dried snoop I was hoping to find. They say it will reach 1400. I think this shop will be very popular, says Bo.

Knut H. of Raddle. Knutsen, the guardian of a 15-year-old boy who stood in line for snoop.

– I am surprised that so many children and young people come to open such a shop. It is clear that advertising on social media has a huge impact on very young people. I doubt if the guards can control the queue, he says.

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