Consumers, Power | Electricity prices are skyrocketing all over the country

Consumers, Power |  Electricity prices are skyrocketing all over the country

(Online newspaper): the cold is about to hit us, and that’s directly affecting electricity prices right now.

On Wednesday, average prices rose sharply across Norway, and for the first time since early May, the average price exceeded the index threshold of 100 euros/MWh across 24 hours.

In Norwegian kroner, this means an average price of NOK 1.49 per kWh including VAT – before online rent is added on top.

The most expensive is close to NOK 1.9 in the morning and evening.

Big power peaks – expensive everywhere

It’s not enough that prices are higher in the south: for the first time in a very long time, prices in northern Norway will be higher than in southern Norway – only marginally.

According to Mandal news The rise in prices is due to lower wind generation and higher consumption as a result of lower temperatures.

Europower Reports suggest that we are at the same time as Sweden and Finland have what is known as “ice freeze week”, where hydropower producers shut down production for a few days so that ice can settle in water to prevent ice jams in rivers.

Strong current warning in Norway

Power support around the clock

After the switch to the electricity subsidy scheme earlier this autumn, the electricity subsidy starts every hour, the price of electricity has exceeded 87.5 øre. The government reimburses 90 percent of the electricity price above this amount.

On Wednesday, there will be 24-hour power support across the country.

When the morning and evening prices are at their peak, the state reaches 90 øre in electricity prices during this period.

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