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The two guys’ travel plans include both madness and passion.

The steep Trollstigen target in the moor around Romstall. There they will drive up to the famous “Corksrow Road” on their respective tractor lawn mowers!

Pure, sheer crazy, I think. Simply. “It simply came to our notice then.

Tynsetingene has been out on a trip before.

In 2019

They drove 200 miles on a lawn mower to get Medistar cakes from their mother-in-law. 104 km from Tinset to Homestrand last year.

Engine malfunction

On Tuesday they covered a distance of 660 kilometers. They did not come far before the problems started. A machine crashes between Tynset and Alvdal.

This is not entirely intended. But we already have the new engine in the fold. So I have to pull him forward, Mehlom mentions to a friend who is hanging on the tow rope behind him that it would be nice.

– Many said we could not do this. So we have to implement that, says Ronnie Bacon.

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The two tractor sawmills they drive are more convenient. A coffee maker is the novelty of the year. Otherwise, they bring mattresses, fishing rods, teddy bears and more.

Mehlam says they never experienced anything negative in their travels. Many clearly appreciate meeting them.

It’s all about people standing up and waving. Instead, he says we got cinnamon buns and a packed lunch and one and another.

TUT AND RUN! Cinderella Mehl and Ronnie Bacon are getting ready for a special summer vacation.

A test of patience

Sindh Mehlam is optimistic that they will win. Both adventurers plan the trip to last two weeks.

The itinerary ranges from tinsel to antlers. Then to Trollstigen and then to the steep rnestigen and Geiranger. They go home via Crotley, Otta and Ringebu.

Sheltering takes place in a three-person tent and occasionally in a camp.

– The sawing machine was previously 140 km. This will be the first test of patience.

But boredom, they never did. Because, although there should be many breaks along the way, they are busy driving.

– The worst thing that can happen is that the belt breaks. Then it will be the end, says Mehlum.

He has no brakes, but drives in gear. The wheels must be locked if the belt breaks. Ronnie on the other hand has a brake. And denies that they pose any danger to traffic.

– No, we drive far to the edge and do not block traffic. He says motorists have to put their phones down.

More challenges

But if both succeed in reaching the Trollstigen, they will face the greatest challenge of all. The road has been closed due to major damage there this winter. There is also a risk of landslides.

– The goal is to have the road open by June 10, says Leanne Nisja, traffic operator at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Both guys know about this and then they want to calm down and wait. Further, the Public Roads Administration did not take into account the access of two lanes:

– We do not see any major problem with this. Ness says it goes slow anyway.

But how clever it is to drive a trollstick with a lawn mower, she thinks, should be judged by two guys.

Tour: This is roughly what a comprehensive itinerary would look like starting and ending in Tinset.

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