August 8, 2022


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Donald Trump: - - A threat like no other

Donald Trump: – – A threat like no other

Last week, Pierce got Morgans New talk show, “Pierce Morgan Uncensored”, a lot of attention After information was leaked about an upcoming interview with former US President Donald Trump.

The much-talked-about program was broadcast on American television on Monday night. In the interview, which lasted about an hour, Morgan and Trump spoke – as they were Lately Enemies On several topics, including the war in Ukraine.

Claims to prevent war

Trump earlier stated that an invasion of Ukraine would be “out of the question” if he won the presidential election in 2020.

This is a war that wouldn’t happen if I were president. Russian forces have killed thousands of Ukrainians in “rigged elections,” Trump reiterated during his visit to the Piers Morgan Uncensored website on Monday.

The former president claims to have prevented Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine during his four years in power.

– I threatened him because he had never been threatened before, he says, without explaining what the threats were.

Audio Recording: The Ukrainian Security Service has released several audio clips claiming to be Russian phone calls. Reporter: Vigard Krueger. Video: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty / Ukrainian Security Service.
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– Do you threaten to use nuclear weapons? asks Morgan.

– I don’t want to talk about this. But I made it clear that we would respond forcefully if he invaded Ukraine, and the former president responded.

Trump responds forcefully to Putin’s use of the word nuclear weapon.

Putin uses the word atomic all the time. It’s not meant to be done, but he uses it daily. And the safer people became, the more they used it, he says.

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– What would you say to him if you were still the leader of the United States?

– I would say that we have much more nuclear weapons than him. And much more powerful. There will be no Russia.

raise eyebrows: Vladimir Solovyov, presenter of the state-owned TV channel Russia 1, believes that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is only the beginning of a major war against NATO.
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draw the statement

When Russian forces invaded Ukraine in late February, Trump called the Russian president a ‘genius’.

I passed by the TV yesterday and said, “That’s cool.” Putin declares independence of Ukraine. Oh, that’s amazing, he said, adding:

Now Putin says: “The regions are independent.” It makes me say, “How smart is that?” He will enter with the peacekeepers. This is the most powerful peacekeeping force I have ever seen. You have to admit that he is quite wise. We would have needed it on our southern border.

Now, however, he is trying to withdraw that praise, agreeing with Morgan’s description of Putin as an “evil beast of genocide.” independent.

Trump also claims that the comment on genius referred only to Russian rearmament along Ukraine’s eastern border — something he described as a brilliant negotiating strategy.