Missing Gabi, 22, may have been found dead

Missing Gabi, 22, may have been found dead

In recent days, more than 50 people have participated in a search in Grand Teton National Park for missing Instagram adventurer Gabe Pettito (22).

CNN It was reported Sunday night that a body was found in a woodland in Wyoming Park, in the area where the 22-year-old was reported missing.

The deceased person has not been identified, but during a Monday evening news conference, the FBI said the deceased matched Pettito’s descriptions.

– The autopsy has not been completed, and therefore we cannot say with 100 percent certainty that it is Gabe, but her family has been informed, says correspondence researcher Charles Jones, and confirmed that the cause of death is unknown.

The mystery of the disappearance has received a lot of media attention in the United States in recent days.

Missed after car vacation

Gabe Pettito has given no sign of life since sending the family a text message at the end of August, and on September 11, they chose to report her missing.

Pettito and girlfriend Brian Laundry, 23, went on a road trip together in July, with plans to cross the US. The pair were originally scheduled to get back together in October, but in early September, Laundry went home alone.

On August 12, a few weeks before the last sign of life appeared, the couple were stopped by police on their way to Arks National Park in Utah. Police recently released video footage of this incident.

– we argued

Pettito is clearly annoyed by the cameras the US police are wearing in her uniform.

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– We were arguing this morning. She says some personal things.

Laundry says the couple started pushing when he got into the car with dirty feet. He also made it clear that he did not want Pettito to be reported on charges of violence.

I stopped: Police released this video of Gabi Pettito, 22, and her boyfriend, Brian Laundry, 23. They were stopped by police in Arches National Park in Utah on August 12. One month later, Gabe was reported missing. Video: AP.
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– I will not pursue anything because she is my fiancé and I love her. It was just an argument. Sorry, says Laundry, it has become too generic.

The police officers on the scene made it clear that they saw Pettito as the aggressive person in the fight. The police did not report the couple, but made sure they remained separated the following night.

refuse to cooperate

Laundry, who was described by police as a “person of interest,” has since declined to comment on the case, and on Friday it became known that Laundry had also disappeared.

This was confirmed by both the police and the lawyer for the Landry family, Stephen Bertolino. But Petitto’s family lawyer Richard Stafford denied the disappearance of his girlfriend.

– It hasn’t disappeared. He is hiding. Stafford said on Saturday that only Gabe is missing.

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