Saudi Arabia shows interest in small-scale nuclear energy

Saudi Arabia shows interest in small-scale nuclear energy

Bloomberg Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest oil producer, is interested in studying small nuclear reactor technology, he wrote on Sunday.

The newspaper wrote that nuclear energy could become part of the country’s investment in diversifying energy sources and generating cleaner energy for domestic use and export.

Prince Abdulaziz is said to have stated at the climate conference in the capital, Riyadh, that the Kingdom aims to investigate all types and applications of nuclear energy. Saudi Arabia is building a pilot reactor and is seeking U.S. assistance as it looks to develop a nuclear energy program.

The UAE is preparing to host the annual United Nations summit aimed at protecting the environment and reducing emissions. But while OPEC members Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are developing renewable sources such as solar energy and carbon capture systems, they are also investing in increasing oil production capacity.

Prince Abdulaziz said, according to Bloomberg: “It is important for us to continue in the field of oil and gas.”

He added that although the share of oil and gas may decline, it will still be part of an overall energy system that could see demand double by mid-century.

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