One killed – one arrested in Porskrun

One killed – one arrested in Porskrun

A man was arrested on Monday night and suspected of murder in Porsgrunn in Telemark.

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Magner Pedersen, Inspector of Police in South East Police District, told VG just before 02:00.

A person is killed and there is a relationship between the two involved.

Pedersen says police received a report of the incident just after midnight.

– Initially we received a message about what appeared to be a physical injury. We responded and one person was sent to the hospital. After a while, we get a message from the hospital that the man’s life was not saved, he tells NTB.

INVESTIGATOR: Police are at an address in Borskrun on Monday night.

A neighbor tells VG they heard screaming and yelling coming from an apartment in the area before police arrived.

– I also heard something like a shot. The police came shortly and they cordoned off the entire area, he said.

The police refused the other night Cairn It is about the use of weapons.

According to police who worked at the scene until Monday night, the arrest took place at 00:30 and, among other things, set up several roadblocks.

– Police Inspector Pedersen tells VG that we are very clear about what happened, but we don’t want to say anything about it for the sake of the investigation.

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