Cold shock in large parts of the country: – Nothing to indicate real change

Cold shock in large parts of the country: – Nothing to indicate real change

A particularly cold end to November in the north of Trøndelag and eastern Norway. It’s colder than normal in Oslo.

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It has been cold in most parts of the country in recent days.

– This is mainly due to low pressure in Central Europe. This means that a cold north-easterly wind will blow over Norway. Meteorologist Roar Inge Hansen tells VG that the air flow will mostly come from landmasses in Scandinavia and Siberia.

Nationally, the night from Wednesday to Wednesday was minus 25 in Bjorli and the hottest in Svalbard was four degrees. The wind is coming from the southwest.

In the capital on Wednesday morning, it was minus three degrees, but the air feels chilly.

– Hansen says it’s colder than normal in Oslo.

The meteorologist says the weather won’t change until the middle of next week, but it’s still uncertain.

– It will be cold all week, at least until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. There is currently no sign of real change. Often the same air currents dominate.

The next few days will be cooler in the north of the country, but not unusually cold. Trams may experience snow showers on Friday. In Nordland, the weather will be mostly good this weekend.

– In the east of Finnmark, some snow and clouds are possible and will remain tomorrow. The weather will improve east of Finnmark on Friday, but snow will return at the end of the week.

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BRRR: It was minus 27.1 degrees at Mo i Rana Airport Røssvoll on Tuesday night.  The picture was taken on Tuesday morning.


Eastern Norway will remain cloudy on Thursday. In other parts of the country, the weather will be fine.

– Low pressure may develop along the coast of southern Norway and western Norway. In coastal areas, occasional snow showers are possible, says Hansen.

Trøndelag is the least prone to snow showers. It is especially cold in the north of Trøndelag and eastern Norway.

In Trondheim, November has never been colder than the minus 18.8 degrees recorded on Tuesday morning.

On Sunday, the temperature was measured at minus 28.4 degrees in Majavatn in the municipality of Crane in Nordland. This was the coldest November on site.

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