Summer 2022 Summer – Meteorologist: Summer holiday weather will be like this

Summer 2022 Summer - Meteorologist: Summer holiday weather will be like this

Meteorologist Per Eagle Haga found no consistent weather in the Meteorological Agency’s forecast for this summer.

“Alternating” is a repetitive word as he describes what we can expect in Norway over the next six weeks. There are no clear indications of the development of persistent high pressures on Scandinavia.

– There may be gray weather days with rain and moderate temperatures across the country – maybe more than normal, Hoga says.

Some days it may be blue sky and high temperature, but if you do, it will be short-lived.

Here will be the sun and heat

Although the long-term forecasts are uncertain, it is very clear to the meteorologist that it will not come again in the summer of 2018.

– If you want a summer like this, Hoga says you have to go somewhere else.

His Travel Tips for Sun-starved Norwegians – Regardless of the plane crash that affected large parts of Europe – Goes to Southern and Central Europe.

In particular, he highlights the Mediterranean countries.

– There is less rainfall and higher temperature than normal here this summer – Holiday-like weather than in this country.

It will be the same next week

“Alternating” is the term used by meteorologists to describe the weather for the coming week. The first days are characterized by low pressure action from the west – towards the western and northern parts of the country.

– This means that there will be a number of gray weather days with cold weather, rain and sleet, says Haga.

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There seems to be some wind in these areas. A “strong” low pressure area is coming towards the coasts of northwestern Norway and Trondhec in particular, which could give a strong storm – perhaps even a minor storm.

Eastern Norway will be better off in the next few days.

The low pressure does not seem to move over the mountains, and it is subject to the sun and summer temperatures of 20 degrees.

– Hoga says we can be weather winners this week.

He stressed that it did not seem “safe” in eastern Norway over the weekend.

– Then we can get unstable air masses from the south, which can bring rain here, says the meteorologist, from his office in Oslo.

– At the same time, the weather will be better in the west and north.

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