June 5, 2023


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Liten jente sitter på huk på en strand.

It is not the thought that is important – the expression

When Ukraine recently became the target of Russian attacks, it was suddenly possible for Norway to take 15,000, 30,000 or as many as 100,000 refugees in a short time.

There wasn’t much Here, which is not really surprising. Most people want to stay as close to their home as possible, so that they can go home as quickly as possible.

I am so happy that the public sector in Norway is mobilizing and opening doors and hearts for those who need a safe haven. I am proud of volunteer work and civil society, which in turn collect and deliver offers and services quickly and efficiently.

I am grateful to the business leaders who have opened their wallets so that humanitarian actors can do more of what they are good at.

At the same time, I am original We are not satisfied with ourselves and say that we are happy to help the approximately 17,000 Ukrainians who have come to Norway in recent months. We now know we have the power to help more people.

There are still several thousand people who fled from the same types of bombs, but from other conflicts. They live in refugee camps on our continent. Many have been living in camps since Europe erected its barriers in 2016.

In Greece alone, more than 2,000 unaccompanied boys and girls have been registered. It is urgent that we provide these children with a place to live that they can call home, a predictable future, school, work and safety.

After the start of the Ukraine war, we put all the clothes on to rebuild the Norwegian receiver that was shut down when Europe closed its borders in 2016, when The entire continent has introduced a so-called “strict but fair” asylum policy.

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Practically no one Fugitives can no longer go to Norway or to countries in Central Europe with their own help. Whoever came from wars, conflicts and persecutions in Syria, Afghanistan, Iran or African countries suddenly became the responsibility of the Mediterranean countries.

For Greece, the real refugee crisis only began when the rest of Europe closed its borders in 2016.

remember it good from 2015 and 2016, That the sheer will to mobilize and help urgently does not last forever, neither politically nor voluntarily. We know from experience that we are tired of news from areas of war and suffering. We got used to it, and it no longer hits us as much.

In the end, we no longer interact with pictures Schools were bombed in Mariupol. BArnelik being washed on the beach on one A beach in the Mediterranean has always been yesterday’s news.

It may be the body’s defense mechanism that comes into play. Can we go on with our daily lives if we take reality all the time?

the most important For those affected by these crises is that fellow human beings, organizations, states and leaders show action. Thoughts of sympathy and statements of support are okay, but the war can’t be stopped or save Those Who He is drowning.

In Norway, we are building to receive more from Ukraine From the figure it appeared that he would come.

Before we lie down again Receiver We are now building, and before we lay off the many who are now trained to deal with fugitives, let us make sure that even those who have fled war and conflict elsewhere, and who are also in our own backyard on European soil, are given a chance for a life and a future.

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Never before have more people had to flee their homes and seek safety elsewhere. Currently, more than 100 million people have fled their country or been internally displaced.

The number is increasing every year. In 2021 alone, more than 3,000 people drowned trying to reach safety on European soil. Many of them were children.

Today, June 20, on World Refugee Day, I urge our political leaders to show action to find pan-European solutions for all those living in refugee camps on our continent. and safe ways For those who will eventually come.

Soon we will see too Climate change and famine will force thousands, yes probably Millions of fleeing people. It should come as no surprise to Norway, Europe or the world.

We must all be ready, and we must all be willing to share more land and goods.

Now we know We can pack up quickly – if we want to. Norway has been given a new chance to restore its tattered reputation as a humanitarian superpower – if we will.

It is not the thought that is important.