Real Estate, Harstad Municipality | Helsehuset Heggen will be vacant in 2025

Real Estate, Harstad Municipality |  Helsehuset Heggen will be vacant in 2025

The Gamle Harstad nursing home, also known as Helsehuset Heggen, will be available for new use after the summer of 2025. At the same time, the new health center at Harstad Hospital is ready.

An assessment was carried out to see if the old building could be adapted for other uses. A previous assessment by Norconsult concluded that the building was not suitable for conversion into a health center due to limitations in design and technical infrastructure.

Hinnstein AS evaluated the possibilities of conversion to other uses. The report concludes that the major conversion will require the same technical and functional standards as new construction. It will be extensive and expensive.

Old and outdated

The building has low adaptability, which limits the possibilities to change the design and functions. This is due, among other things, to the interior load-bearing walls made of concrete and low floor heights, according to a report from Heinstein dated February 23, 2024.

There is a need to inspect, maintain and update technical systems, including ventilation, heating, fire safety and electrical installations.

The benefits of conversion are mentioned, among others:

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective when reusing materials.
– Shorter construction time compared to building a new building.

Among the disadvantages of conversion we mention, among others:

High risk and uncertainty regarding project costs, especially due to the age of the building and technical limitations.
Limitations in planning and technical systems, which may make it difficult to meet current standards and requirements.
High costs to meet current standards and requirements, including universal design and energy efficiency.

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Alternative use

Hinnstein AS recommends that the building continue to be used for similar purposes as today, with the necessary inspections, maintenance and minor modifications carried out. This will provide a buffer for future building needs.

But the building can also be considered for alternative uses requiring minor structural modifications, for example:

Offices for municipal or private companies
Educational buildings for high school or college
Accommodation for seniors or students
Cultural or community center
Storage or business places

It is important to note that any change in purpose of use may require approval from the municipality and other relevant authorities, the report states.

The matter will be considered in the Health and Welfare Committee on March 7, and later in the Municipal Council.

Here you can read what the municipality of Harstad wrote about the new health center

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