Error makes it much faster

Error makes it much faster

File Explorer in Windows 11 He is Faster, but not thanks to a clever solution, but a bug.

“as fast as Windows 7”

Like us, you’re probably annoyed if File Explorer exists in Windows 11, if not a lot Slower than it is in Windows 10, so it’s not exactly faster. It can be particularly slow to load when previewing images and not least search results, which is also annoying as Microsoft is always hoping you’ll be looking for something online (with Edge) rather than local content. But this will be a digression.

So how does one “hack” the faster file explorer in Microsoft’s latest operating system? The solution is very simple and not very strange: open it in full screen with F11, like a web page, then press F11 to return to normal view – oops, the file manager is much faster in every way. Not only is it faster to open the folder to look at the content, but the search is also much faster. It’s easy to see in the clip below.

That shouldn’t be possible

Newen notes that the bug affects all versions of Windows 11. This includes the latest canary test builds of 21H2. Although the bug makes File Explorer faster, it would be better if we had this kind of performance by default. Windows 11 should have better overall performance than previous versions, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, notes Newen. We agree and expect the bug to be fixed.

I tested this on a music folder with over 1,800 subfolders and over 25,000 files: everything opens instantly and it’s amazing! This is the performance we introduced in Windows 7 Explorer.

“err404t”, reddit

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