Xbox can be unlocked – ITavisen

Xbox can be unlocked – ITavisen

Why doesn't Xbox have a large, alternative ecosystem with game stores other than the Microsoft Store?

Consoles aren't getting cheaper as quickly as they used to be

On Windows, you can pretty much do whatever you want, and now the new strategy could be to open up to Xbox as well. Microsoft has long lost the console war against Sony in terms of console sales, and is looking for new ways to attract gamers. In addition to the main focus on game streaming, and soon also with mouse and keyboard, the Xbox boss is opening stores other than his own, such as the Epic Games Store.

Whether this comes at the same time as iOS 17.4 and the changes Apple has to make in the EU region is a coincidence or not, we don't know. We also haven't heard Playstation talk about opening up to other game stores, but the fact that they're continuing to put out Playstation games on PC, most recently Horizon: Forbidden West, might indicate, at the very least, that it's not a completely defunct game. discussion.

Xbox is like Windows

“Think about our history as a Windows company. No one would find it amazing if you said, ‘Hey, when you use a PC, you decide what kind of experience you have by choosing where to buy games,’” Spencer said during an interview with Polygon. There is real value in that.”

Spencer also revealed in the interview that the player base is not growing fast enough, and that the problem is affecting the entire industry. If this is true, it's very bad for Microsoft as it lags behind Sony and Nintendo in console sales, while at the same time struggling to produce AAA games. A well-known gaming journalist recently stated that Xbox is having a very difficult time in Europe, and a couple of developers he spoke to who chose to launch Xbox on Xbox must have wondered if there was a point. One of these companies must be a large company. It's too bad that journalist Chris Deng isn't sure if Xbox as a console will survive.

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Spencer mentioned in the interview that Moore's Law is no longer as fast as it used to be, and that console components are becoming more expensive and longer.

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