June 9, 2023


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Stand up to the wind industry in Ardalsvjela!

For nearly 25 years, Årdal and the surrounding mountains have been a constant address for us when vacation time has made a trip from Trondheim to the Ardal region possible. My wife Liv has family and friends in Ardal and thus a lifelong bond with the village and surrounding mountains. Lucky I am, who becomes acquainted with the gentle årdøls and the wonderful Årdalsfjella that stretch towards the edge of the sky in all directions.

I grew fond of the village near Jotunheimen Gate in the West. Happy in the mountains, steep slopes, and sweeping scenery. Whether it’s a sunny summer evening in Vettismorki, a rainy day hiking in Gravdalen or in the Easter mood running from Slettningeggi on skis. A mighty mountain kingdom where wild reindeer, grouse and many species have their lives worth.


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Now the wind power industry at Fred Olsen Renewables AS has its plans at the door in Ardal.

Yes, we need renewable energy, not least by getting rid of fossil fuels. But we also need to reverse course in the way we currently consume nature and natural resources. Taking care of nature is an essential part of a sustainable future.

The world is already witnessing the widespread consequences of the climate and nature crisis. There is a need to deal with and combat both man-made climate change and loss of healthy nature. national and international. Norway also relies on nature that is intact, viable and diverse enough to minimize the risk of damage and the consequences of climate changes that the world faces. Norway is no exception.

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Land encroachment that reduces and threatens species diversity and disintegrates healthy nature is not part of the solution for the future. Not even in the secret mountain regions. The wind power industry, in addition to seeing wind turbines, requires massive interventions in nature, with roads, roadblocks, power lines and dams. Often the argument is that we have to sacrifice some of nature in order to have enough renewable energy. But it is the sum of all the changes of the region which are now so wide and so high. Enough of the victim nature. The solution to the climate crisis is not to tear down the most intact of nature. The onshore wind industry should be established in areas already affected by land and industry encroachment, not in relatively intact and vulnerable mountainous regions such as Årdalsfjella.

The future of parts of Årdalsfjella is now decided. These are important areas for natural diversity and outdoor living for year-olds and visiting mountain and mountain adventurers like myself. The choices being made now for or against the wind industry in the mountains surrounding the village are also a choice on behalf of future generations.

Everyone has the right to express their opinions about the way nature is run around them. It is now important to be on the lookout for which mountains have been identified as suitable for wind turbines. Say something clear and distinct no For the wind industry in the wild and beautiful Årdalsfjella.