Russian killers are returning home from Ukraine

Russian killers are returning home from Ukraine

When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a new round of mobilization last fall, 44-year-old Alexander Mamaev was among those who joined.

He was sent from his hometown of Zavolzhye, east of Moscow, to Ukraine to fight.

At home, he had a wife and two children, ages seven and six.

Soldiers: The photo shows Russian soldiers on their way to Ukraine to fight. Photo: AP/NTB

Horror examples

What Mamaev did in Ukraine is unknown. But what happened after he got home became one of his many examples of horror.

On April 17, a week after returning home, Mamaev killed his wife with a knife. She bled to death in front of her two children.

He writes MediaZona Russian.

And Mamaev’s harrowing story is not the only one:

On December 21, 47-year-old Victoria was killed in Petrozavodsk. She was shot by her 49-year-old husband.

According to the Russian Gubernia DailyHer husband had recently returned from the war in Ukraine.

– Kill again

When the notorious Wagner Group began recruiting colleagues for the war against Ukraine last year, Ivan Rosomakhin, 28, was one of those who signed up.

He was serving a 14-year sentence in a Russian penal colony when he allowed himself to be drafted.

Reportedly, the 28-year-old had only been home on vacation in his village for eight days when a local resident found his mother murdered earlier this week.

The woman’s name was Yulia Boisky and she was 85 years old.

She had been beaten and had multiple stab wounds found on her body, according to the sources he cited Russian baza.

– the authorities wanted to drown her

Online MediaZona spoke to two of the dead 85-year-old’s grandchildren.

– My grandmother was killed by a man who was going to serve 14 years. He should have been in jail, says the young woman, who wished to remain anonymous.

According to her, the authorities wanted to hide the incident. However, the case appeared in the media.

It criticizes Russia’s practice of releasing murderers to fight in Ukraine.

– Our government releases criminals, says and continues:

– This will not be an isolated case.

The other grandson is a man who also wishes to remain anonymous.

– One thing is for sure – the authorities wanted to cover up the case, he says in the interview.

– They are shocked

Russia expert Inna Sangadjieva of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee told TV2 that there are several reasons why Russian soldiers commit crimes after returning home.

Russian Knowledge: Inna Sangadjieva, Senior Adviser to the Helsinki Committee.  Photo: Frode Sunde/TV 2

Russian Knowledge: Inna Sangadjieva, Senior Adviser to the Helsinki Committee. Photo: Frode Sunde/TV 2

The first reason is trauma. Many go to war without preparation. She says they take their experience of violence home with them.

Some of this, according to Sanjadjieva, also has to do with lawlessness.

– There is no problem with committing acts of violence on behalf of the state. feeling that you have power over others, and therefore can exercise it over others; And that the state will not arrest anyone for this. This shows injustice, you say.

Psychological reasons are the third reason, according to Sanjadjieva.

– When they bring weapons, it gives the feeling that now you are the one who has the power. In a violent society, it accumulates under the main image that it is permissible to practice violence or kill.

Morale increase

– Is there an actual increase in the number of violent incidents and murders?

– There is a significant increase both in the number of criminal acts such as robbery and robbery, as well as in violent episodes where violence or murder is committed, especially in intimate relationships, says Sanjadjieva and continues:

– What we see in the media are registered cases. Unfortunately, there are also dark numbers.

Finally, Sanjadjieva said that the Russian authorities do not want to draw attention to the events.

– They want to show that everything is going on as usual. They don’t want people to get upset about the situation. In general, they want to hide these events, you say.

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