Atle Antonsen, The King’s Orders | Ole Wurmskoog on Atlee Antonsen’s return: – No matter how you answer, it’s going to be weird

Atle Antonsen, The King’s Orders |  Ole Wurmskoog on Atlee Antonsen’s return: – No matter how you answer, it’s going to be weird

In March, it was announced that Atli Antonsen, 53, would return as presenter on the next season of “Kongen befaler” on Discovery+.

Antonsen quit the program in November, after it became known that a hate speech charge had been reported to the police. Since then, he has apologized on several occasions, and the attorney general has twice dropped the case.

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In the previous season, Bård Ylvisåker (40) was the presenter, but in the fall Antonsen returned to the throne alongside his partner Ole Wermskog (37).

He rejoices

When Nettavisen met with Wermskog in connection with the annual Norway Cup celebrity match last week, the well-known “sidekick” could tell they were on good terms with the program’s recording.

Although they have already begun recording for the fall season, they have not yet begun recording in the studio where Antonsen is involved.

On the other hand, Wermskog did not hide the fact that it would be nice to bring his former colleague back into the program.

– It would be nice. We haven’t recorded it yet, so who knows, maybe it’ll be miserable in a year. But I doubt it, Wermskog told Nettavisen.

– He delivers as he usually does.

complicated matter

On a program as popular as “The King Commands,” there were already different opinions about Antonsen’s return to the program.

Wermskog, who for the first six seasons of the show was Antonsen’s regular sidekick, told Nettavisen that it’s hard to predict Antonsen’s return.

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No, it’s a complicated matter. No matter what your answer is, it will be a bit strange, so I think so myself. Welcome back, Wermskog said, it was awkward too when he wasn’t there, but that’s just the way it is.

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Moreover, he noted that it is mainly the participants who are important in the program, and that he is looking forward to revealing who will participate.

– This is what I am most looking forward to, and I know it will be interesting.

cool vs. Athlete

Although Wermskog found Antonsen’s case difficult to decide, the 37-year-old has made no secret of the fact that he enjoys being in the studio with both Ylvisåker and Antonsen.

– He was nice to Bård. We have also seen Atli before, he said, and in that sense they are good people.

When asked which of the two would like to continue as King on the show, he was clear in his speech:

– No, then I would exchange them, I would also put myself in the king’s seat. he answered sarcastically.

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