The apps you need as a student

The apps you need as a student
Student apps: There are many good apps for both your portfolio and your studies.

It is not always easy to get an overview of everything as a student. So we’ve rounded up 13 apps that can make students’ lives a little easier.

1. Student ID

After you have registered as a student and paid your term fees, you can download a digital student certificate from the app. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of student discounts. Some stores only accept apps, so it might be smart to download them.

2. Mazemap

It can be difficult to find your way around campus. In the app you can get an overview of most study centers in Norway. Enter the room number and “Mazemap” will show you the way.

3. Ice Cream Book

Bookis is an online bookstore that allows you to buy and sell used books. Here you have the opportunity to get the textbooks you need at a discount.

4. Presentation of food

As a student, you like to save money wherever possible. There are many different food deals apps, where you can get an overview of all the offers. For example, you can test “Food Deals”, “eTilbudsavis” or Schibsted’s “Kupp” app.

5. One flight

It is not always easy to know how to get around in a new city. With “Entur” you can find all public transport services in Norway, which give you travel suggestions to where you want to go.

6. Calendar

It might be a good idea to use a calendar app, so that you can easily get an overview of your teaching, assignments, and deadlines. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there’s so much going on. Using, for example, Google Calendar or Schedule, you can keep track of your tasks to a greater extent.

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7. Pomodoro

Pomodoro is a study technique where you work in intervals. You work for 25 minutes and then have a five-minute break. Studying technology should increase the ability to focus, and there are many apps that can help you keep time. For example, you can test “Flow – Focus & Pomodoro Timer”.

8. Scanner

It’s boring to lose your notes after putting in so much effort. With the “Adobe Scan” application, for example, you can easily scan notes, books, and documents, and then save them as a PDF. You can also scan directly from the notes on your iPhone.

9. Student discounts

You already have some advantages as a student. With the Student Card and Student Calendar apps, you can get an overview of all student discounts.

10. hold

Do you find it difficult to focus when studying? With the “Hold” app, you are rewarded for not being on the phone. There you can earn points, which you can then use to get discounts.

11. TooGoodToGo

Here you will find an overview of restaurants and stores that sell leftovers. It can be, for example, cakes, baguettes or a surprise package. With “TooGoodToGo”, you get the chance to get good food at a reasonable price.

12. Academics

Akademika is a library with subject books and course books. On their app you will find discount on textbooks and other equipment for daily study.

13. Canvas

With Canvas, you get an overview of the topics you’ll be covering, and all the important messages are there too. You can also find syllabus, assignments and submission folders in the app.

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