Take a picture of a rare weather phenomenon:

Take a picture of a rare weather phenomenon:

Science teacher Linda Standens Toning was at the cottage in Helvica, near Forde on the Westland Coast, when her mother’s roommate came to tell her what he had seen.

– He said that there was a pillar of light that rose from the sea. I thought, “Okay? I have to document this,” Toning tells TV 2.

she was verda who first mentioned it.

– mysterious

When the westerner came out of the cabin to look, the sky light grew stronger. Then she saw that the light was in the shape of an arc.

Toning explains that it looked like a pale rainbow, but it was dark and the sun had set a long time ago.

It can’t be a rainbow in the middle of the night, can it?

– It was a bit ambiguous, she says and adds:

– Earlier today, you photographed a rainbow in exactly the same place, so I thought this was a weather phenomenon, as you tell TV 2.

I don’t see anything like that

The science teacher thought what she saw was very interesting, and so she decided to find out what it was.

Toning did several searches on Google but didn’t get any results. Only when I tried to search for “rainbow in the dark” did I get an answer to what I saw.


– Just the name is incredibly beautiful, I think. Toning says it looks very pretty.

Rainbow: This photo was taken by Linda Standing earlier in the day, in the same spot where the moon bow appeared at night. Photo: private

The science teacher says that she is very interested in everything that happens in nature, but that she has never experienced such a weather phenomenon before.

No one of the people I’ve spoken to has ever heard of it, she says.

rare light phenomenon

A moon arc forms in the same way as a rainbow, says StormGeo meteorologist Isaac Slitibo.

A rainbow is a rare light phenomenon similar to a rainbow, but the moon is the source of light. Sletibo tells TV 2 that the moon’s arc is weak, and is often colorless to the naked eye.

He explains that since the light is weaker, it must be dark and full, or almost lunar, in order to be visible.

Like a rainbow, water droplets or ice crystals in the air are also needed to be visible. The moon should not be too high in the sky, and the cloud cover should be thin.

The meteorologist says that the rare weather phenomenon does not appear very often:

Aristotle wrote that they saw only two lunar arcs in fifty years. Sletipu says, maybe this is saying something.

Science teacher Toning is on fall break this week, but once she’s back at Forde High School, she’ll show the photo to her pupils.

She would have liked the moon bow to have a different name:

– I think it should be called a lunar rainbow and a solar rainbow, because I had never thought of two different versions before, she says.

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