FN: The development of artificial intelligence should not generate misinformation

FN: The development of artificial intelligence should not generate misinformation

Antonio Guterres. Scanpix’s photo

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said on Monday that concern about the development of artificial intelligence cannot turn into a cavern due to digital platforms full of disinformation.

He also called for the adoption of an international code of conduct.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence tools, including chatbots, image generators, and voice reproduction technologies, is causing panic around the world because of its potential to spread lies.

According to A. Guterres, concern about artificial intelligence is audible, but this should not distract the public from the harm done by digital technology.

The UN Secretary-General said during the press conference that the spread of hate and lies in the digital space is currently causing great harm to the world.

He now encourages conflict, death and destruction. He added that this constitutes a threat to democracy and humane courts.

c. Guterres also called for a UN code for information integration in the digital space.

According to him, the different platforms have led to social and cultural changes around the world, but they have also revealed their dark side.

I argued a. Guterres argues that the potential for widespread dissemination of disinformation denying facts backed by scientists is an existential danger to the nation, given the danger it poses to democratic institutions and humane courts.

He added that the danger has become stronger due to rapid advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence.

Guterres noted that the UN Code of Conduct must be based on a commitment to ensuring reliable information, human rights and support for independent media.

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We must learn from past mistakes. He said that digital platforms were launched in the world without sufficient information and without considering the potential risks to society and individuals.

According to him, Silicon Valley’s philosophy of moving fast is coming to an end.

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