Corona debate | The vaccine came at the door: – It looked very nice, and it was

Corona debate |  The vaccine came at the door: - It looked very nice, and it was

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There are quite a few, more than fifty patients. He looked really cute – and he was. If one looks at the group of patients living at home over the age of 85, almost all of them are women. Samtlege has lived in extreme isolation in their homes for the past year. Thus, insignificant amounts of home-baked leissier, coffee, chocolate, chips, cider, and fruit accumulated in the cupboards of older ladies. During the round of vaccination, the undersigned were fuller and fuller after a quarter as the vaccinations and lip were consumed – all should be observed for 20 minutes after the injection, so there is no point in shortening the time.

I wasn’t dressed for the occasion and had winter boots that were falling off a lot. After a quarter of an hour I could no longer tie my shoes between a quarter of the house. My hair was getting more and more coarse all evening, and I tied it up with the only thing I had in the car that looked like a rubber band, a blue plastic glove. I spilled coffee on the left and blood on the right leg of my pants at the start of the round. Throughout the evening, I’ve felt increasing “intoxication” from my coronary vaccine since yesterday, with a headache, immune tachycardia and mild dizziness. The time passed near midnight and I knew very well that the precious drops would soon run out on time, so there was no old lady’s arm to lose.

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The pants started to sag after a quarter of an hour, but my hands were full of infection control equipment and vaccines, so I didn’t have my hands on them anymore. After a quarter of an hour he’s probably hanging away a little uncritically. The glasses covered and sweat splashed down his forehead. But of course – the vaccines were going to the people. In the last house I couldn’t park properly either, but I parked halfway over a flower bed, indoors where parking was forbidden, at a corner outside a building where everything else was straight and neat. Outside the car, of course, I stumbled slightly on my shoelaces.

The more tired you get, the more you can get the smaller gear out of the car. For the last patient, I only had a lot of syringes and needles in one hand, and in another alcohol bottle plus a whole set of ampoules with cloudy liquid. Unfortunately, no more hands on the pants. I thought: It’s dark, no one sees me and I’m still in control, let’s finish.

Then there stood suddenly, a man with fine hair and fine clothes, a little older than me and looking at me with big eyes. And with his shoelaces tied just right, like this kind of “camp in Burettslaget”, who also works long hours in his law office in the evenings, but hasn’t finished practicing law and order when he finally comes home. I couldn’t get away from it, and there was a flooding light behind the block anyway.

While he was standing there looking at me, a secretary from the office called. Something you never do near midnight, so I thought it was important and you should take it. Of course on the speakers where I didn’t have more hands. On the other hand, she says there is finally more “equipment” to be found in Sliten Monday. I wondered if I should “receive it”. I couldn’t answer clearly while the lawyer heard it over the loudspeaker and looked at me with exaggerated interest, I think.

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Then I tripped a little more on my shoelaces. And I knew I was really sick of all the people in the last three patients. And was cider a non-alcoholic as she claimed she was in the previous house? I thought: – Damn, now the lawyer, with nice clothes, beautiful hair, and tied shoelaces, probably intends to send a complaint to the municipality about “conduct inconsistent with professional practice”, and perhaps an unusual meeting of the board of directors of the stock exchange about which she parked her car in a flower bed. Then he says in an admiring voice: – Are you a doctor or a mother?

I had a delay, either because of the side effects of the vaccine or because of too much of the vaccine, but I said something about it usually yes, but today I’m not sure what to give myself. I felt like I looked like something between a drug addict and a thief. But then I had to ask him:

– Of all the things you can imagine, why do you think every day there is enough of a Dr.?

– You looked just like that, his simple explanation of the vaccinate agent was on his way into the night. – And imagine that you are feeding even at night!

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