– Absolutely raw! – VG

- Absolutely raw!  - VG
Said: Peter Schjerven ecstatic over the win at ’71 Degrees North: Norway’s Strongest Celebrity’.

Peter Schjerven (54) is the most powerful Norwegian celebrity after defeating Berk Road (21) in a nerve-wracking sprint.


– Damn dad, it was just so brutal, Schjerven tells VG about the extreme race in Sunday’s final.

In the end, it was the battle between the oldest and the youngest in this year’s competition.

– I didn’t think that was possible. It took me a while to realize I was winning. Burke laughs, he has much fitter legs than me.

Schjerven actually agreed that Rudd would get the victory. Only when he saw the 33-year-old freestyler at the mountainside did the host manager realize he had a head start.

– When I realized that it was Burke who went down there, I was upset. I would have mustered much more earlier. Of course it is easy to say later – he was completely run over. Anyway, I got a boost when I saw it, so I feel like I jumped over the last 50m to the last post. But I was so tired.

The goal: Petter Schjerven promised to cross the finish line “as good as Bjørn Dæhlie”. I fixed the steak.

The 54-year-old describes the last two kilometers toward the North Cape as dramatic.

– It was an exciting story. I had no idea where Mona was, he says of the dance star who had trouble cycling in strong winds – and ended up in third place.

Only Celia, only when she got to the finish line I was told she hadn’t progressed to the last part.

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– How do you feel after you beat all the younger competitors?

– It was completely raw! For me, this was an incredible mastery. I just thought I didn’t really have the fitness to deal with this. I don’t train, and I’m not in particularly good shape – I thought. So I surprised myself.

Out: Birk Ruud reached the finish line a few minutes later than Peter Schjerven.

Schjerven screams into the camera of his wife and two adult children when victory is a reality.

– Noron, I love You are! Lacey and Jenny, me love You are! I won! Now I’m coming home!

Is it true that your wife, Noron, said, “You can’t help but be bothered to go home without the car”? As Thomas Nomi claimed on TV?

– Haha, yes, we do have a relatively straightforward and at times cruel sense of humor between us, so I bore this message, Schjerven chuckle.

The TV profile, known from “typical Norwegian” and “typical you”, has never been far from the family before. Now it was a whole month on tour. It was delicious to come home.

– And it was very interesting to be able to get the cup out when I walked in the door. I asked Noron what it’s like to marry one of the most powerful celebrities in Norway. Then there was life in the living room, says Schjerven.

WIFE: Peter Schjerven shares this photo of him and his wife Norunn with VG readers.

He should keep the car, even if it costs a fortune. Celebrity winners on reality shows must tax prizes.

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– It’s my first new car, so I’ll have it. But this treasure is a little sad. I think I should go out with 200,000 or something, so I have to find the money. That amount will likely end as a tax stagnation next year.

Finalists: Left: Celia Niemoen, Mona Berntsen, host Tom Stansen, Peter Schjerven and Burke Rudd.

Schjerven requested two exceptions to the contract before he joined. Someone was supposed to be allowed to bring his camera, on the promise that he wouldn’t post anything ahead of time. The second is the use of sixpence, which has been a trademark since the “typical Norwegian”.

– Both are important. I’m glad I got my own pictures, like “by surprise”. Sixpence was already so worn out that it was suitable for hiking. And he’s laughing now and he’s more reptilian.

Schjerven also made his debut on social media after recording. The other participants convinced him that he had to recover on Instagram.

– They pushed me. I wasn’t interested in her before, but now I realize in my old man’s stubbornness that it can be perfectly fine to be a little visual media person. Then I thought “Dirt au”. But I shit on Facebook, I don’t have time for that.

TV glimpse: Peter Schgerven, here at the premiere party in Oslo in September.

Schjerven believes his biggest advantage in the competition was the public tour experience, with training for officers and scouts. But she held out hard near the end.

– When I got Storen’s shoulder pulled, it was embarrassing. Then all the smoke subsided. Also, the last kayak stage was a bit on the edge. But I know it was never dangerous.

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Dandruff lost four to five kilograms and suffered from pain in his knees and toe, which still bothers him.

– But it was worth it.

What he is currently doing in projects is secret, but the 54-year-old is in dialogue with various channels. However, he does not have big plans for further reality, although he can also boast of second place in the “Maestro” from 2010.

Won Car: Peter Schgerven proud and happy.
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