Raven Ross on the ex-boyfriend: – I’m shocked

Raven Ross on the ex-boyfriend: – I’m shocked

Last November, it became known that couple Raven Ross (30) and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada (36) had gone their separate ways on “Love Is Blind.”

– love at first sight

“We are sad to announce that we have decided to separate,” the former couple said via their Instagram story at the time.

Ross is now opening up about her relationship with her ex, and can also reveal that she has found happiness again. It’s reports ET.

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– He’s still figuring things out

When asked when the world will find out who the Chosen One is, she answered as follows:

– I am shocked. No, I’m just kidding. In the end, one time or another. We’re still thinking things through. He is a good person and I am literally obsessed with him. I really want to share it with the world, but we just need a little more time.

He got engaged after the TV breakup

He got engaged after the TV breakup

A few days after the episode “Love is Blind” aired on TV, rumors of infidelity between Ross and Al-Agbada started. Soon after, the breach was confirmed.

When Ross was asked if she was still in contact with her ex-husband, whom she compares to the evil Lord Voldemort from the “Harry Potter” films, she replied:

In the Netflix series “Love is Blind”, we watch the participants fall in love with each other – without ever seeing each other.
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– Not recently at all, because we are moving forward, right? Chapter II. So who needs it?

Although there is no eternal love for Ross after “Love Is Blind,” she can say that she is in touch with many posts from her season.

Slaughtered: - Tries to destroy the relationship

Slaughtered: – Tries to destroy the relationship

– We are all very, very close and we talk, if not on a daily basis, then on a weekly basis. we love each other. I don’t talk to many boys, but who needs them?

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