– Feelings come later – V.G

- Feelings come later - V.G
Feld bear: The damage reduction team shot and killed this bear in Snasa municipality on Friday.

After seven weeks of intense hunting, a bear weighing 150-200 kilograms was shot in Snaza on Friday.

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A slaughter permit has been granted to two bears in the area based on the killing of several sheep. A second bear hunt will continue.

After a four-hour effort by hunting crews, the bear was finally brought down on Friday. However, the last seven weeks have had difficult times:

– The terrain is very difficult. Spruce forest, deciduous forest, hills with streams, rivers. This summer has been very humid and wet. “We couldn’t get out because the water was so high for some days,” Korey Johannes Sellius, 63, head of the damage reduction group, tells VG on a small telephone line.

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Joy and peace

According to Selliås, when the damage reduction team received wildlife camera footage of the bear early Friday morning, they renewed their hope of completing the mission.

– How do you feel now that a bear has been shot?

– Nothing really.

– Nothing?

– Feelings come later.

– How are they when they arrive?

– I am glad that we succeeded as a team and with the work related to our client, the State Executive. Especially now that we’ve been at it for so long. Then there will be extra happiness, Cellius replies.

Focus on the end

The hunting party leader tells VG that a total of 17 hunters helped. Their age range ranges from mid-twenties to players in their 60s, similar to Celius.

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– I am one of the seniors here, he says.

In the background, the continuous barking of an elk dog can be heard. There are moose dogs and jamhounds used as point dogs to drive bear. When the hunting party gets close enough, a dog is released.

– It posts hunting. We put posters around an area and plant dogs, Cellius explains.

The elk dog Hjallis was given the title of Spitz dog.

– Are you scared while hunting?

– No. The important thing in this hunt is the goat herders. The veteran hunter says that it is important that we win for the hunting team.

– Wolf hunters often experience reactions after cutting wolves. How are you bear hunters?

– No, it’s going well, concludes Cellius.

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