Angry over these photos

Angry over these photos

In the aftermath of this year’s election, there were strong reactions to the apparent lack of infection control during the multi-party election awareness. But especially the photos of the AB election awareness show the distance, the ecstatic pressure and the wild enthusiasm that are often shared on Facebook.

One of the reactionaries was comedian Port Duffy Johansson. On Facebook, he shared a post posted by Andre Treppy, the regular soundman of Kings of Convenience. It responds to distance, use of masks and infection control in general.

There is also the reaction that this was apparently correct during the multi-party election awareness, while cultural life was still subject to more stringent contagion control measures.

– How is it now. Everyone behaves as if the epidemic is over, while the culture still lives under strict restrictions. This is no longer okay, Treby writes in the post, which was further shared by Duffy Johansson.

Thackeray contacted Duffy Johansson for comment on the post. He did not want to comment further on the matter.

Dagbladet has been in touch with Andre Trophy, who is pleased he has received more attention for his position.

– I am surprised by all the reactions in my post, but happy with the dedication. Other than that, I have no opinion, Treby tells Duckbladet.

He posted yesterday, and since then this post has been shared 1000 times.

And in the band “Business Talk” on Facebook, A number of reactions. Debates over whether contagion control rules for politicians differ from the restrictions that concert organizers and the public must follow.

Comedian Rune Fijerka was one of those who shared their frustration Facebook.

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– It is important to be a role model in the community. Politicians can often be like that. Sometimes they miss too. It is human. On Monday, I think they did it, missed it !, he writes and continues:

– In the entertainment industry where I work, it means that in practice there are no different cultural houses / scenes that can be filled in the usual way. There should be a free seat between the partners and the number of tickets sold in the halls is often halved. We still live in a measured world.

He believes it is time to review the infection control rules.

– Fortunately, I will not make that decision. Our role models do just that.

Celebration: Happiness was high in the election awareness of the Ap when the victory was real. Mouthpieces on the other hand and the distance were short. Photo: Hans Arne Wetlock
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– Explains distance

This explains how great the distance is between the constraints for events and other parts of society, Doug Esther tells Duckbladt.

He is also the chairman of the Norwegian Concert Organizers, an interest organization for concert organizers, and reacts to the fact that cultural events are still subject to strict epidemic controls.

When asked if there is discrimination between politicians and cultural workers, Esther responds:

– There is now a different treatment for how the government has decided what the rules should be. I don’t think there is any difference between politicians and others. In public events with ticket sales, it will not be allowed and organizers will face problems if the rules are not followed in the regulations, Sterdal says.

Criminal: The general manager of the Norwegian concert organizers, Don Osterdall, believes that the combined need for events should be eliminated.  Photo: Ellen Lawrence, NKA
Criminal: The general manager of the Norwegian concert organizers, Don Asterdall, believes that the combined need for events should be eliminated. Photo: Ellen Lawrence, NKA
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Follow the politicians

In public events with ticket sales, organizers and the public must adhere to more stringent infection control measures and they could face problems if the rules are not followed, Sterdol added.

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He pointed out that this did not make sense to the outcry of the concert organizers.

– The thing is that there is talk of jobs here. Until the restrictions are lifted, people will not return to work. Politicians think it’s very good to have strict restrictions on events, because it’s not so important somehow, Sterdall believes.

Many respond

Perkensavison writes today, about FrodeHelp, the general manager of the Jax Country Salon in Jagan, which closed last March 12th.

– I was very angry and reacted harshly to those involved in the decision making, do not comply with any rules. It’s not a mask to look at, they just gathered together, Helpe says Perkensavison.

He reacted harshly to what he saw during the election awareness and harshly criticized politicians.

Source: The fire alarm sounded in KrF’s election awareness, while party leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad spoke in the assembly. Photo: NRK
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– When they do, you get the impression that it’s free for all of us. They had full music, danced, shouted and shouted. “People have to listen to each other from a distance, and we are not allowed to play music because guests are not allowed to dance,” Frode told the newspaper.

– Erna ate sushi in Kylo, ​​Sunday school in connection with this.

Writer and author Ole-Martin Ihle was one of those who shared the post with Treppy. He believes it is time to repeal the rules.

I thought it was a double standard when politicians were in the same place and did not abide by the rules, while the cultural industry was severely affected. The time has come to repeal the rules, he tells Thackeray.

– Many answers: In MDG’s election awareness, our correspondents reveal today’s menu, but one thing stands out. Video: Dagbladet TV
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Green corona certificate

Ingrid Lancroot, Labor’s communications leader, defends the happy scenes and intimacy of Labor’s election awareness in the following way:

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– Only Green Corona certified pre-registered participants had access to our election awareness at the Oslo Congress Center. There was a check of the certificate and identity card when registering for election awareness. The number of participants can maintain the distance between tables and spaces based on the capacity at the Oslo Congress Center. It was only served at the table, and staff and guards at the Oslo Congress Center were there to ensure compliance, he says in an email to Thackeray.

Dagbladet has been in contact with a press officer at the start. They claim that infection control measures are the parties’ own responsibility.

The toughest controls: - Govt-19 regulations need to be constantly evaluated, says Nuxstad.  Photo: Sconbix
The most difficult controls: – Govt-19 regulations need to be continuously evaluated, says Nuxstad. Photo: Sconbix
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Actions are considered

We expect all organizers to comply with the requirements of the Govt-19 rules for distance and number of participants. Whether the individual participant follows the advice and rules will of course vary, and of course the responsibility of the individual will also be taken care of, says Espen Nuxstad, assistant director of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, to Dagblatt.

Cultural organizers must constantly adhere to strict regulations. When asked if it would be appropriate to simplify operations, Nuxstad responds:

– The content of the regulations is constantly being assessed, he says, how many people have been vaccinated in Norway and how big the risk of infection spreading in the coming weeks and months.

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