December 4, 2022


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Distrust of lack of action: - Why do you not follow professional advice?

Distrust of lack of action: – Why do you not follow professional advice?

Prime Minister Jonas Kardashian (Labor) and Health Minister Ingville Gerkol (Labor) visited Agarshas University Hospital in Ahuj on Monday afternoon.

Hospital staff have previously told TV 2, after several rounds of pressure on Ahus, that they are now tired.

Measures to deal with stress

Ahus CEO Øystein Mæland says he has taken a number of steps to manage patient stress.

– We had to reduce some mobility and surgery planned to free up staff.

In addition to re-employing staff, they have rebuilt some parts of the hospital.

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health visited the former garage facility for ambulances which was converted into a patient room during epidemics.

– Mæland says this is particularly stressful in our intensive surveillance areas.

Ahaz: Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store and Health and Maintenance Services Minister Ingville Kerkol visited Agarshas University Hospital (Ahaz) and were visited by department head Eric Peterson. Photo: Torstein Poe

Especially with this wave

Mæland and Eirik Pettersen, head of the emergency department, say the wave is particularly difficult for staff.

– What is special about this wave is that the depreciation of our staff is now very high. It is remarkably difficult, and many are tired, Mæland says.

– We downgraded the number of normal patients in the first wave and now the number of normal patients in the fourth wave along with the coronary patients. It demands, says Peterson.

Two intensive care nurses welcomed by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health say it is difficult to approach themselves when the number of patients is higher than normal.

– We do not realize that we have the capacity for all patients. Then there will be more pressure on us working here to ensure the safety of patients, says one of the intensive care nurses.

The binding requirements were challenged

Ole Christian Fosse, chief physician of the unit in the intensive care unit, expressed his frustration with the Minister of Health and asked for national action on the bandages.

– When the infection spreads to the hospital, we become distrustful. Fossum says drop infection can help with bandages and is a simple procedure when viewed from the inside.

– It was the municipalities that introduced the orders and recommendations for the use of masks. But at the national level we still do not consider it an effective and proportionate measure, says Health Minister Ingvild Kerkol.

– But did you not follow the professional advice you received from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and NIPH about bandages nationally? Fossam asks further.

– Many municipalities have orders and recommendations for masks, but not nationally. If you use it indoors, you have reintroduced the meter and it will penetrate. But Kerkol says we need to consider that.

– Says he experiences frustration?

– I understand very well. We are constantly looking for the right and proportionate measures, he says.

Fossum says it wants more from the government to prevent further closures.

– Prime Minister Store says we will take it with us.

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