#HelpTurkey – Turkish authorities investigate insult to Erdogan

Abroad Wildfire

#Helperkey insults Erdogan – Turkish authorities investigate

Popular holiday areas are turning into charred landscapes

Wildfires are rampant in the Mediterranean. President Erdogan speaks of the worst wildfires in his country’s history. The situation is worse in Greece as well.

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Turkey is on fire, with many users sharing pictures and calls for help on social media. The hashtag #HelpTurkey is particularly successful. This could have repercussions for its users – the Attorney General considers it an insult to the President.

D.Turkey has been battling the worst wildfires for the tenth day in a row. The 12 fires are still out of control, President Erdogan’s communications office said Friday. The southern and western Turkish coastal areas of Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum and Milas are particularly affected.

In Milas, a fire broke out in several neighborhoods that had previously been evacuated, local officials said. The fire there is now under control, but elsewhere it is advancing to residential areas.

At the same time, media reports are circulating that Turkish authorities are now openly seeking action against their own people. Reason: Many Twitter and Instagram users started calling for help under the hashtag # Aid Turkey Criticism or outside help was asked. The Turkish Attorney General is one reason to start the investigation.

Among other things, it is alleged that these posts create “anxiety, fear and panic” among the people. The state news agency cited hatred and hostility Anatolia From the point of view of state power.

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In addition, there are crimes such as insulting the president and insulting the Turkish state and officials. Even the daily newspaper “Harriet Daily” The report quoted: “(…) Some individuals and groups are trying to create fear and panic among the people and to humiliate the government and government of the Republic of Turkey through real or bod accounts.” The purpose is obvious, “misinformation.” “And” fake news “.

In other words: the authorities are not targeting ordinary users, but political insurgents – although the Turkish government defines them. It is said that people who consolidated false accounts and circulated contributions with “criminal elements” should now be identified by technical analysis.

About 200 wildfires, the worst in 13 years

On Twitter, however, the inquiry was received with astonishment. According to commentators, the hashtag #HelpTurkey has been used tens of thousands of times, and the number of investigative actions – in case of severe harassment – is high and could affect many innocent Internet users.

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Finn Ridge, a natural deciduous forest of oak and beech in the morning light, shining through the fog Global use, not distributed to resellers.

More than 200 wildfires have been raging in Turkey since last Wednesday, the worst in more than 13 years, and they are the worst ever. At least eight people were killed and an estimated 100,000 hectares of forest and fields were engulfed in fire. According to local officials, an area of ​​16,000 hectares was burned in Marmaris alone.

Since the fire began, emergency services equipment has been repeatedly criticized. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected this. Instead, he accused critics of spreading “terrorist lies.” Meanwhile, Erdogan continues, 20 fire planes and 51 helicopters are in use. According to official data, support is coming from Croatia, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

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