Do you have a Golf, Passat or Polo of this type?

Do you have a Golf, Passat or Polo of this type?

According to the documents, the cars in question are part of a number of internal test cars that were not supposed to be sold, but due to an error, were sold to consumers.

He. She Firstly The recall concerns six cars from the Passat Variant, Passat Sedan and Polo model series, which were produced between March 29, 2016 and August 7, 2017.

He. She Others The recall also includes six cars, but this time the Volkswagen Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Golf Variant and Phaeton models, whose production dates range between April 29, 2014 and July 25, 2016.

These cases are reminiscent of the events that occurred in 2018 and 2020, when for some reason Volkswagen sold up to 8,700 cars worldwide that did not meet the current legal requirements for driving on public roads at that time. Some of these cars later turned out to be pre-series cars and research cars.

Driving in these cars can be very risky, as there can be problems both in terms of quality and also with the cars' safety systems, which do not necessarily work as planned.

If the consumer is in doubt about the origin of his Volkswagen vehicle, he should contact an official Volkswagen dealer or workshop of the brand.

Since the cars cannot be found in the Volkswagen system, they cannot for good reason know which countries the cars are in.

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