January 27, 2023


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Oslo: - Cat maimed and killed

Oslo: – Cat maimed and killed

On December 2, a cat named Linus was found brutally murdered in a family’s garden in the Krefsen area of ​​Oslo.

Animal rights organization NOAH wrote on its website Instagram Friday:

“The hind legs and tail of the cat were severed from the body and these injuries were confirmed by a veterinarian to be in all probability human-caused”, They write in a picture post.

The cat’s collar should have been found nearby.

Serious case

– It’s a serious matter, Siri Martinsen, professional head of NOAH and veterinarian, tells Dagbladet.

The cat’s owner filed a lawsuit. However, according to Martinsen, it was dropped after two days.

– This is highly objectionable. The police should have questioned the family and neighbors. This is not done, Martinsen commented.

Found Killed: A Terrible Scene Meets Cat’s Owner Photo: Private.
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Printed owner

The cat’s owner has been traumatized by the horrific incident and wishes to remain anonymous.

She tells Dogbladet that the police did not get in touch after the complaint and did not verify the tips she gave in line with the investigation.

– The neighbors are so scared that they don’t dare to let animals or children out because of the incident, he says.

Oslo Police District press chief Unni Durit Crandal confirms the case has been dropped.

She tells Talkblade that the closure is justified because of the “lack of information about the perpetrator.”

Give a gift

NOAH has its own attorneys who report and pursue animal abuse cases. They also reported this case.

– If this too is abandoned, we naturally complain. Martinson adds that this is something the police should take seriously.

He says he is now offering a reward of NOK 10,000 for information that contributes to solving the case.

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